Beat the Blues with These Tranquil Rainy Day Interiors


Rain, rain go away—or, perhaps, stay. The stormy skies we'll be having in this month of spring showers may bode many a gloomy day indoors, but the wet weather doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. While you're stuck inside, there's many an opportunity for hot tea, a good book, a cozy nap—oh, and these gorgeous rainy day interiors, which inspire us to do just that. For those that feel nothin' but the blues on rainy days, here are some tranquil spaces that will help you appreciate the light of an overcast day and droplets on window panes:

Image via Freunde von Freunden

rainy reading nook

Speaking of hot tea and a good book, why not create a peaceful reading nook by propping some pillows by a window? A few candles will help when the overcast light gets particularly dim. Image via Hana and George

awash in white

A white-washed setting is perfect for perking up the mood in dull weather, and a sparkly chandelier plays a wonderful pair to glistening drops. Image via Fabulish Living   

gray skies greenhouse

Hanging vines and a soft lounging area create a comfy and natural feeling indoors, away from the elements. Image via Freunde von Freunden


A large window with opened curtains makes for a relaxing, zen indoor atmosphere, especially when covered in raindrops. Image via Domino

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