These Bathroom Storage Ideas Are Off the Shelf


By Eva Recinos Toilet paper. Q-tips. Cotton Balls. Perhaps three of the most useful supplies in the bathroom—but oh-how-annoying to organize! While it's tempting to store these precious items away in a box under a cabinet and be done with them, bathroom shelves are a great opportunity to showcase your decorating prowess. We found some gorgeous ways to keep your bathroom both organized and aesthetically pleasing. Even simple objects like modern wire baskets and cute vases can change up a space. For example, if you are still into the mason jar trend, think about using them as a part of your bathroom storage for a modern twist. Next time you head to the cabinet to put away your towels, think about the possibilities for organizing in style! Browse our new favorite ways to spruce up bathroom shelving below. Inspiration Image via Domaine Home

pretty wicker and wood

Put those extra towels and linens away in style with this natural wood bench. Highlight the look with plain wicker baskets and gorgeous vases. Storage never looked so good! Inspiration Image via Designseeker.

blue like the ocean

Visually organize your bathroom shelf with this soothing blue theme. Gorgeous vases and powder blue towels make this shelf arrangement look like something out of an aquatic dream! Inspiration Image via Houzz.

rustic and serene

Consider adding some succulent accents to your bathroom shelf for a rustic look! Pair a tall, wooden shelf with soft-colored towels and metallic accents to create this serene, nature-infused space. Inspiration Image via Domaine Home

creative crates

If you've got extra crates lying around, put them to good use in your bathroom! Use mason jars to store small items like cotton balls, throw in some patterned towels and voilá — your bathroom has a chic, new style. Inspiration Image via A Beautiful Mess.

eclectic and pretty

Give your storage space a feminine look by using items like soft-colored vases and a purple color scheme. We love this theme's balance of elegant and modern elements. Inspiration Image via shelterness.

all in the details

You don't need to completely overhaul your current shelf organization to create a new look. We love the idea of using eye-catching accents. Our favorite is the gorgeous root bowl that adds a pop of metallic shine! Inspiration Image via shelterness.

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