No Bad Juju Here—Just Some Beautiful Decorative Hats

by Kelly Anne Bonner The African Juju Hat—lightweight, typically made of dyed feathers, and capable of being folded neatly into a decorative piece—has experienced a huge upswing in the style world. Everywhere we look, the gorgeous, fancy topper is prominently displayed in a range of rooms in all sorts of colors. And no wonder—their versatility, uniqueness, and beauty make them the ideal complement to all kinds of interior styles. See below the ones we thought had some good juju going on. Hold on to your hats:

gray with a pop

A gray and white color scheme is awesomely punched up via some printed pillows—and a bright red Juju hat.

part of a gallery wall

A bright white room with a gallery wall is dressed up with a white Juju hat sneakily added among the portraits.

at the desk

It looks like the ideal decor piece to fit in with a challenging palette of cheetah, beige, and vintage pieces is our new favorite topper.

super pink

BAM—how bold is this hot pink Juju hat in the middle of this seating area? Now that’s a statement piece!

mantel piece

We’re totally loving this Juju hat as a mantel piece—so much more unusual than your average portrait there.

unique take

Modern, unique design needs some color. And a stylish, unusual twist. Aka—you know what makes this room fresh and vibrant. We love the yellow version here, as it brings some life into an otherwise spare space. As if we need to give you another reason to go get a Juju hat!

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