Kitchen Organization 101 (AKA, How to Make Your Kitchen Look Like Pinterest)


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The secret behind some of the most amazing kitchens you've seen on Pinterest is really no secret at all. When you witness those gorgeous, slick countertops, suspended pots and pans, glass jars of spices, and other decor goodies, what you're really seeing is not just a pristine kitchen-like palace where only people touched with the gift of design cook and eat, but actually photographic evidence of what a little organization can do to a place. Yes, a well-designed kitchen does wonders for the look, but careful coordination of tons of kitchen tools and pieces are really the final touch to creating that immaculate visual. Now you know!

What this means for you is that achieving the look of those Pinterest kitchens is now within your reach. What once seemed relegated to the land of beautiful-photos-only can be done in your own home, and can transform the look of your kitchen from ordinary to downright magical. Perhaps we'll even be seeing it on our feed! Here's our crash course, Kitchen Organization 101, to give you a head start:


1. Hang everything up.

This may not seem like the first logical step (i.e., shouldn't you start by putting things away?), but trust us—it is. The convenience of having pots and pans at-the-ready on hooks, and having a place to dry them up and off the countertop almost outweighs how great they look on the wall near your stove. We say almost because in this case, the organization fiend in us can't overstate how sophisticated they make a kitchen look.

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Image via Nico Alary on Flickr.

2. Invest in a knife rack. In the same vein, rather than putting your nicest paring knives away in a drawer—and run the risk of slicing your hand by accident—a magnetic strip is a great sub-in. Not to mention that they look great, too, get your knives off the counter and out of the knife rack, and oh, they're reasonably priced, too.


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Image via Basil Green Pencil


3. Clear all counter spaces.

Okay, now this is a biggie, and, we understand—it's super tough to achieve. However, the difference in the look of your kitchen once your countertops are clear will be as apparent as when you clear your desktop—you can see where things are, you move more quickly, and you just feel better, too, like the weight of having to look at unnecessary clutter is lifted. Try creating storage boxes and getting things off the counter that you really don't need to be up there—as much of a struggle as it may be to do and maintain, the payoff will be multifold.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.43.52 PM

Image via Helén Pe

4. Put your mugs on hooks. Here's a fun one—to make you kitchen have that cafe-like feel, install some hooks for your mugs to hang on. While not exactly necessary, this method does organize your mugs and gives them a little bit of charm that makes the kitchen much more photo-worthy.  


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.51.43 PM

Image via The Perfect Bath

5. Get a utensil holder. We're not talking about your average utensils like forks and spoons (although you can use this method on them, too). What we mean are larger items like soup ladles and whisks that can be a pain to stow away and are actually convenient to have near a stove. Just one holder will do, and won't clutter your counter unnecessarily. Plus, if you get one with a cute print, you'll have a functional and pretty addition to your decor in it.    


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.57.36 PM

Image via Desire to Inspire


6. Do your shelving by category.

It's worth it to create separate shelves (or at least shelving areas) for baking items, condiments, baking bowls, etc. This will not only organize what's in your kitchen, but naturally arrange them into visually-distinct groups.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 3.06.07 PM

Image via Smitten Studio

7. Relegate your sponge/scrub/soap dispenser to an area of the sink.  Having these organized in one corner of the sink is a miracle when you're trying to clean, and is also a boon for making the sink look, for lack of better terms, nice and pretty. Yeah, we'll say it—this is one of those little details that's often overlooked but makes a world of difference when it comes to that final, Pinterest-worthy result.  


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 3.09.24 PM

Image via Sycamore Street Press


8. Put your most essential cooking ingredients in labeled jars. 

Now we're getting down to the nitty-gritty, and what most people may deem unnecessary. But this is a course on the ultimate kitchen organization tactics, so we're not stopping until we've gotten every piece out of the way. For this step, we recommend putting spices in one kind of similar jar, then things like sugar, salt, honey, sriracha, etc. in another kind and labeling them. Determining how your ingredients are packaged yourself make you the designer—they'll definitely look more uniform than their original packaging, and will also be easier to see!


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 3.18.35 PM

Image via Hally's Parson Green

9. Add display touches. Now you can go ahead and add the little things that make a kitchen special. Flowers are the obvious, but a cleverly-designed little honey pot or a unique tea kettle will go a long way to brightening an otherwise clear kitchen.  


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 3.19.45 PM

Image via Domaine Home

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