We're Knob Obsessed Or Anything


What is it about Anthropologie knobs that make us so giddy? For one, they provide the perfect entry point for simple, inspired interior design—with their addition, vintage dressers and drawers get a much-needed update and quirky new look. On top of this, they are insanely easy to install and require very little time and effort on your part. What intrigues us the most, however, is that each of them are designed so expertly and beautifully. We can always appreciate craftsmanship, especially when that detail is paid to the littlest things—like a dresser knob. Get a handle on these splendidly-crafted little pieces that’ll hopefully pull your heartstrings as well as your dresser drawer:

sleeping fox

Say it with us: “Awww.” This brass-carved piece is just one of a collection of forest creatures that are just too cute to resist.

Image via Forrest Critter Knob

Image via Lenten Rose Knob

flower power

A lilac carved rose is a classic addition that doesn’t demand attention when it’s on your dresser—though it may encourage your guests to stop and look at the flowers.

golden fair

A gold knob makes another perfect yet simple addition to a dresser—small flashy pieces on a large wooden furnishing is akin to playing it up with some jewelry.

Image via Gleam Theory Knob

into the wood(s)

How unexpected is a wooden knob for a wooden dresser? That’s some inspired interior design if ever we saw it (love the arrows, too).


We love the type on this one! (And how true it is.) This knob is amusing and engaging—a winning combination.

Image via Where Did I Put It? Knob

dip trend

The dip dye trend even makes its way into their stock through this gorgeous gray and gold latticework piece. When we say craftsmanship and detail—this is what we’re talking about.

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