Fine Print(s)


There has been a movement toward revisiting the hand-drawn, the handmade—the unique creation someone crafted with love. The abundance of hand-done typography and popularity of sites like Etsy are forerunners of this "rediscovering  of our roots," of bringing back the value of objects that weren't mass-produced in a factory overseas. To this end, art prints designed by individual sellers have a charm that is undeniable, and it is easy to see why. Here are seven gorgeous art prints that provide the perfect way to decorate a room, a little bit of hand-crafted uniqueness to mix in with your items bought from larger retailers—sans the fine print.

Image via via Etsy Shop studiotuesday

beyond the sea

If you're shaping a nautical, New England look for your interior, look no further. This remarkable little print of various buoys will both draw the eye and blend perfectly into your scheme.

Image via 2142 Stuart on Scoutmob

where the heart is

See what we were saying about hand-done type? In any case, this delicately-drawn print in a coral hue is the best reminder of the comforts of your little place.

Image via Etsy Shop LouiseArtStudio

sea water(color)

More inspiration from the sea, but this time it's more abstract. This illustration of the gently changing hues of pieces of sea glass are calm, cool, and, yes—look like they have been collected.

Image via Nan Lawson on Luvocracy

cutie pie

The perfect print for a girl's, or teenage girl's—or heck, even a young woman's interior (I mean Zooey Deschanel made this cutesy stuff popular, right?). We love the watercolor speech bubble and the tiny heart detail.

Image via Etsy shop littlelow

dog person

For all the true dog people in your life. Cats have been in vogue on the internet lately, but in your home you can let everyone know where your heart lies. (Team dog forever!)

Image via Etsy shop Katfrankillustration

country living

Even if you're living in an NYC-style loft, this fun art print can bring a little rusticity to a place that's sorely lacking.

Image via Gus + Lula on scoutmob

moon walking

The is just plain cute, and the dark palette goes well with most interiors. There are few better ways to warm up your day.

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