Alphabet Soup


We’ve got the lowdown on redecorating from A to Z. Going alphabetical is one of those decorating ideas for bedrooms that never fails to work as a perfect accent—no matter the font or color, letters always add interest to other decor. They can act as a monogram for your space, help introduce your child to reading, and, if there’s anything in particular you want a room to say, you can simply spell  it out. Here are a range of letter sets from formal to functional that can act as centers of young learning and communication. We know there’ll be one write for you:


We love this set as a cozy and colorful addition to a nursery. The block font, as the photo suggests, is playful and fun for younger ones.

Image via Bookhou


This serif font made from birch plywood provides a perfect simple touch to a room.


(P.S.—We love the alphabet set above a crib.)

Image via Bookhou
Image via pilosale

from a to z

A pillow made long enough to fit the alphabet? Fabulous.


These letters embossed in shiny silver add a sophisticated twist to your old alphabet magnet set.

Image via Pottery Barn
Image via MixedMangos

the most popular font

For the typography nerds out there (re: this editor), this poplar wood letter set in everyone’s favorite classic font is sure to please.


Finally, letters don’t have to just act as decor—they can be totally useful, too, such as these gorgeous distressed hooks.

Image via Anthropologie

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