These Apartment Bike Racks Are So Genius, We Can't Even



Figuring out storage in city apartments these days is no joke. Anyone who's making it work in a small space knows that when it comes to designing an apartment that's less than 600 square feet, every single inch counts. And it's fair to assume that if everything isn't precisely planned out to a tee,  it'll be difficult to prevent the apartment from feeling like it's straight out of an episode of Hoarders.  Space is such a commodity for city dwellers with teeny-tiny accommodations—and if you've got a bike, preserving that precious floor area becomes an even more arduous task. Luckily, there are some wonderfully out-of-the-box thinkers out there that have elevated bike storage into an art, coming up with some obscenely brilliant methods for getting that traveling contraption off to the side and out of the way. So while you're waiting for your big break and that penthouse loft of your dreams to come through, here are some frankly genius ways to take your bike storage to another level. Above, a wooden geometric design allows you to hoist your bike off the ground and look good while doing it. Via Etsy shop Woodstick, $430. 



colors and a console table

At left, cool, colorful, design-friendly bike racks shaped like trophy heads are outta sight. And below, a console-table-slash-bike-parking-station is undeniably clever. Image via House and Garden, and Bicycle Bar Table via Fab., $1528. 


a curvy solution

A gorgeous, curved wooden piece is right at home in a small space. Via Peri Bike Rack, $300. 


up above

A simple yet totally useful way to get a bike off the ground, this storage solution is also great for the minimalist. Image via Behance


store books, store a bike

We love a storage system that also functions as an adorable tiny shelf for books and decor. Image via HiConsumption



double trouble

And if you've got more than one bike, never fear—there's still some awesome storage ideas to be had. At right, the area under the stairs never looked so good. Below, two slim hooks suspend more than one bike vertically to allow more room for furnishings. Images via Home Design Board and Surface Treatment.  



bike seat designs and entryway

A bike seat and handlebar set becomes a groovy bike storage piece, and looks like a trophy head, to boot. And a bike holder serves as a handy entryway storage system for keys and other knick knacks. Image via Behance and via CB2, $50.

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