Animal House


This just in: animal pillows are a thing. And by animal pillows, we don't mean just throw pillows printed with animals on them—we mean pillows molded to the exact shape of the animal printed on them. The malleability of the pillow as a decor item lends more creative freedom to its shape, and these days, even outside the nursery animals are taking over. We snagged some apt choices that we know will have you snuggling up to critters as the perfect unusual throw pillow. Feel free to make your living room a zoo:


Let's begin by remembering where these kinds of pillows have typically made their mark—in cribs. This cutesy whale shape is perfect for that particular setting and provides kids rooms ideas/decor schemes for days.

Image via Inmod


The animal-shaped pillow idea gets more grown-up with the addition of illustration elements.


A bold, graphic, true-to-life animal print is stunning and unusual.

Image via Design Public

animal crackers

We just couldn't help featuring these—pillows shaped like animal crackers! We love this playful twist on the animal pillow theme.


This is just one design from gorgeous Etsy shop LauraFrisk, which specializes in bold, graphic animal-shaped pillows.

diy version

And we couldn't finish this list with at least one DIY! This Etsy shop sells embroidery kits for you to hone your sewing skills and create lovely little animal-shaped pillows. For the homemaker-in-training, this option offers a wonderful outlet.

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