Alone on Valentine's Day? Five Ways to "Treat Yo'self"!


Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year. Candlelit dinners, heart-shaped candy and red roses become beacons of love as restaurants and movie theaters are jam-packed with happy couples celebrating their commitment to one another.

This may be the night’s activity for some—but not for everyone! If you count yourself among the unattached this Valentine’s Day, I invite you to join my lonely heart’s club. Today’s “5 Things” list is for all those who, whether by choice or necessity, are spending a night at home alone. Since you’ve got no one else to care for, I’ve adopted the “treat yo’self” mentality as the perfect way to spend this Valentine’s Day. I mean, who needs conversation hearts when you’ve got Netflix, am I right?

Comfortable Chair

The first part of the stay-at-home puzzle is finding a comfortable place to sit. It doesn’t get much more luxe than this—a shearling bean bag.


Image via Frette

Cashmere Throw

Remember, tonight is all about you—so don’t forget to indulge with something luxurious like this throw. It offers the perfect snuggle partner in the absence of a live one.

Roku Streaming Video Player

While alone at home, the last thing you want is to run out of classic movies. Whether it’s Ghost, An Officer and a Gentleman or even Pretty Woman, this little piece of technology will keep you occupied all night.

This one’s not to be beat—it’s got HD access to all the major streaming channels, is a breeze to set up and there’s even a headphone jack in the remote!

Image via Roku
Image via Teuscher


Because it’ll be available everywhere, and what better way to treat yo’self than with chocolate?

In my opinion, the benchmark is still Swiss chocolate, and my favorite is Teuscher.


And just in case you want to make this a night you don’t remember, a bottle of good scotch whisky will go a long way to help you achieve this. I really like Glenfiddich—it’s probably the world’s most-awarded Single Malt, and pretty easy to find at most good liquor stores.

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