All the Single Ladies


Whether you can sing it with me or not, interiors dominated by women have the uncanny ability to charm guests, making them feel welcome and at ease. Calling cards of female presence—some pink blooms here, some positive phrases there, perhaps even some leopard prints from time to time—gesture toward a light touch about the room, with special attention to delicate detailing. Here are some well-decorated bachelorette pads that carry a ladylike persona from the second you look at them, living proof that feminine intuition translates into an eye for design. Or at least, so we’d like to believe. Image via Recently.


elegant mixing

Tiny striping, coordinating blues and whites, vintage pictures and just a hint of lace (on the chair) make for a graceful and expertly done mélange of classically feminine elements. Inspiration Image via sfgirlbybay.

drop-dead glam

Something about this space rings Carrie-style cosmopolitan. We imagine it’s probably to do with the fuchsia dresser, leopard-print chair, coral bag and, oh, those fabulous shoes. An alternative to delicate features, bold and vibrant colors and prints speak the message of girl power in just a few items. Inspiration Image via Peonies and Brass.

positive vibes

We love an encouraging piece of art as a centerpiece to a feminine living room. Using the central area of the house as a way to build and sustain good energy is not just a great practice, but a way to pay it forward to all the women in your life who are “wonderful” and deserve to relax in your cozy, well-designed space. Inspiration Image via Vosgesparis.

floral fixation

They’re in the wallpaper. They’re in the chair. There’s even a real pressed flower in a frame. An obsession with dainty flowers is a foolproof way to display your feminine wiles in a sharp, design-oriented fashion. Plus, it allows you to embrace color without forcing focus on a particular chosen few. Inspiration Image via Lanaloustyle.

classic beauty

A gallery wall is a vision paired with a lucite chair and strong, sophisticated dining table. The femininity creeps in through an exquisite tear-drops chandelier, fresh flowers, and fine, delicate drawings. Inspiration Image via House and Home.

color love

Pink with gold accents is an unstoppable combination. The woven baskets play an interesting textured neutral to the palette, and contribute to making this visually open foyer as clutter-free and inviting as possible. Inspiration Image via Recently.

all together now

There’s no denying the strange pull we feel for the combination of all the feminine elements we’ve been talking about here: stripes, patterns, vibrant hues of pink and purple, a beautiful curved metal side table, and—of course—fresh cut roses. If you’re going to embrace your feminine side, this is the grown-up, design-focused way to do it. Now go own your space, girlfriend. Inspiration Image via Recently.

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