15 Snazzy Lamps Under $15


By Eva Recinos As much as we understand the value in making major purchases, we also love the challenge of finding stylish items for less than you might expect. And every decorator knows a trade secret about working on a budget: that one of the best ways to save is to look for accents at lower prices. An accent lamp works as the perfect functional and budget-friendly piece. And choosing the right lamp is about more than lighting up a space — a chic one can also serve as a focal point in your overall layout. In the interest of decorating on a budget (and being numbers-heavy), we set out on a mission to find 15 stylish lamps for less than $15. Check out our picks: Image via Bed Bath & Beyond.

a splash of color

If you want a more solid look that still stands out, experiment decorating with fun colors. These bright and unique finds are a steal. It might seem risky to buy a neon pink lamp, but at less than $5, we figure it's worth a shot. You never know what one color might do for your decor. LAMPAN table lamp, IKEA, $4.99 Orange Ceramic Globe Table Lamp, Home Depot, $10.99 Stonies Blue Small Stone Look Table Lamp, Home Depot, $14.99


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eye-catching patterns

Buying an affordable lamp doesn't have to mean investing in a boring one. For less than $15, these lamps will definitely do more than just light up your desk — they're a great stand-out accent to add some pop to your decor. The graphic and bold patterns would look great in a neutral-toned room or with other daring patterns. Uplight Black and White Key Print Table Lamp, Bed Bath & Beyond, $14.99 Room Essentials Punched Stick Lamp, Target, $14

quirky design

To make things a little more interesting, try these lamps with unique designs — both in their overall look and functionality. These finds are definitely great alternatives to your average-looking lamp. In terms of functionality, the USB Desk Lamp offers an awesome alternative to using an outlet. FILLSTA table lamp, IKEA, $14.99 Godinger Glass Votive Lamp with Shade, Bed Bath & Beyond, $9.99 Studio 3B Outlet/USB Desk Lamp, Bed Bath & Beyond, $14.99


vintage finds

We sorted through quite a strange selection of Etsy lamps to find these chic vintage treasures. For a look that feels classic yet modern, try these one-of-a-kind lamps. They're sure to complement any desk, especially if you've collected other vintage accents in your space. Vintage pale pink gooseneck mini desk lamp, Etsy, $14 Vintage desk lamp, Etsy, $10

basic and functional

Sometimes you just need a lamp that helps you read and doesn't clash with your decor. In that case, we found some solid black lamps that are practical and minimal. One interesting item is the clip-on lamp, an easy way to move your light source with you. Black Basic Desk Lamp, Home Depot, $12.20 Room Essentials Stick Lamp, Target, $14.44 Adjustable Black Clip-On Desk Lamp, Lowe's, $7.97

floor lamps

Believe or not, we found some seriously affordable and stylish floor lamps. We especially love this chic item from IKEA that costs less than $8. A good floor lamp can not only add some brightness to your space, but also serve as another accent. Surely your friends will never guess you found these for less than $10—even we were pretty amazed. HOLMÖ floor lamp, IKEA, $7.99 Torchiere Floor Lamp with Task Light, Target, $10

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