Remebering Charles Pollock, Designer of the Iconic Office Chair


A tribute is in order for the recently passed Charles Pollock, the designer of a line of iconic office chairs whose legacy is still felt in innumerable modern executive suites. Pollocks' contribution to the world of chair design is unmissable—most popular office chairs today evolved from his original clean and sleek design.

Image at left: Charles Pollock, foreground, with one of his many designs.

Image via NY Times

Image via NY Times

The famous Pollock chair was revolutionary as "an office chair characterized by a single aluminum band around its perimeter that held it together, structurally and visually" (NY Times).

It's hard to say what offices today would look like without his work—the evolution of the office chair can even be traced through the television drama "Mad Men," as the show passes from the early into the mid-60's and Pollock's chair begins to arrive on the scene behind the account execs. In short terms, it changed the office landscape.

Image at left: The Original Pollock Chair.  

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