Ventilated Produce Drawer


Where oh where to put that produce that doesn't require refrigeration? This is the primary question that has occurred in many a mind upon stocking the fridge full of perishable goods, then finding themselves stuck with all the leftover potatoes, onions, garlic and other similar veggies that shouldn't be hogging fridge space, but do because they don't work anywhere else. For as many times as that question has occurred to you, here is a solution that guarantees that it won't ever again.

Image via Trialx

Image via My Home Ideas

Whilst rummaging for kitchen remodel ideas we stumbled upon this brilliant solution on myhomeideas. What you see here is essentially a produce drawer built with a perforated stainless steel interior for ventilation, ventilation which ensures none of that produce you bought goes bad prematurely. It's so genius because it's so simple and obvious. Any kitchen remodel should include at least one drawer like this for this particular purpose. While it may seem niche, your overflowing fridge will definitely thank you.

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