Power Outlet Bed Risers


If you've got one off to college or are heading there yourself to experience the dorm life, or are simply on the hunt for some teenage bedroom ideas that save space and are super useful, please feel free to drop your bags, as you've arrived at your destination. For those who are always in need of more outlets to charge phones and laptops; for those who have short beds that are both too close to the ground and lack space underneath to store an adequate amount of "stuff," let me introduce you to our favorite new product.

Image via Lifehacker

Say hello to the power outlet bed riser, just like your regular bed riser, only this time with a technological upgrade. Gone are the days that you'll need to get an outlet strip and let it sit in the middle of the room waiting to be tripped over and turned off, or the outlet that is in the most awkward/hard to reach place. With an outlet right under the bed on the riser, laptop charging becomes a snap. Oh, and on top of this convenience, the bed riser's function still holds true—the bed riser itself provides more space for storage. Just perfect design. This is one of those teenage bedroom ideas that should definitely come in handy in the future as more "can't-live-without-it" devices surface.

Get these at Bed, Bath & Beyond before heading off to college.

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