Magnetic Spice Rack


Stop me if you've heard this one—a drawer or portion of a cabinet packed full of spices is in complete disarray because of varying-sized containers, multiple sets of the same spice, and, inevitably, spice dust from spilled shakers. On top of that, this set-up ensures that spices are impossible to navigate—you have to pull out almost every individual spice to find the one you're looking for. What if I told you there was a better way to store your spices—one that ensured every spice was visible, always available, and also beautifully yet simply displayed?

Image via eatocracy

Image via A Beautiful Mess

Via one of our favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess, here is just one of many conceptions of the ingenious magnetic spice rack idea. Simply adding a magnet to the back of a clear-top container makes the hassle of locating spices into a cinch—and a delightful cinch at that. Awe your guests with a richly colored array of spices (then the enticing food you make with them!). This is one of those kitchen storage ideas we can't help but be dazzled by.

For info on how to DIY the one above, go here.

A useful, simple and beautiful concept. We can (always) get behind that.

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