Cutting Board Opening


Ever been at Starbucks and noticed the convenience of those table-level holes which act as invisible receptacles for straw wrappers, stirring sticks, and the like? The is one of those kitchen remodel ideas that is not just practical but also—wait for it—ingeniously possible to implement in the home. How, you ask?

Image via The Farm Chicks

Through the lovely The Farm Chicks blog we discovered this cutting board built-in right above a waste basket. The pull-out cutting board on top of an also pull-out trash can is smart, and the fact that they can be opened either together or separately is handy, but that little opening in the board to the container below makes it downright genius (and therefore feature-able on our blog). With this set-up, there’s no more time wasted getting rid of skins, or excess foliage and tops to veggies—once they’re cut away, they plop out of sight. Starbucks may have popularized the idea, but here’s an execution that brings that convenience all the way home.

Intrigued? Read more about it here.

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