Automatic Pet Fountain


This week's stroke of genius is for the pet owners out there who leave bowls of water outside and inevitably run into the problem of still water and what it breeds (ugh). You replace it when you can, but with your busy life (working on your other outdoor garden decor!) we understand how it can be overlooked. Not to worry—we found a remedy for ever having to stress about your pet's lack of fresh, clean water in the backyard ever again.

Image via Agiletrekker

Image via Frontgate

Introducing...the automatic pet fountain! How it works, according to Frontgate: "Smart sonar-sensing technology triggers the fountain to dispense a stream of water when your dog comes within 3 feet, and turns off when your pet leaves." So the water only goes on when your pet walks nearby and dishes out fresh water whenever he's thirsty. That beats a still bowl any day.

Other bonuses is that it runs up to a year (day and night) on the same set of batteries, connects to any outdoor faucet, and includes a flow-through connector to accommodate a garden hose (so the fountain doesn't hog the faucet).

Like it as much as we do? Check it out here.

A possible con would be training your pet to do this, as I can see some animals getting frightened by it. What do you think? Will you guys try it?

Image via Frontgate

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