A Quoted Home


Everyone loves a great inspirational quote. Uplifting, energizing, motivating, what’s not to love? A framed quote can be less expensive than art and sometimes more impactful. My favorite examples are usually simple, to the point, and visually quiet. You can’t go wrong with a white background and a sans-serif text. Here are just a few of my favorites, but you can find many, many more on Etsy. They make great gifts too!

  1. Letters on Love
  2. Refinery 29
  3. School House Electric
  4. Motto Sprint
  5. Letters on Love
  6. The Motivated Type
  7. Letters on Love
  8. Letters on Love
  9. Charm and Gumption

About the author: Jacqueline Palmer of A Design Lifestyle is an independent blogger and designer sharing her style with a growing worldwide audience. Jacqueline has worked with companies like Mode, Target, and Trulia. As a young creative business owner redefining design, she is captivating the industry.

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