9 Sophisticated Finds For an Evening of Wine and Cheese


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by Kelly Anne Bonner Even if you're not exactly a wine connoisseur (or a cheese one, for that matter), the pleasure of sharing a bottle of wine and some nice cheese among friends is not to be overlooked. If you do have a well-trained palette and are an expert wine and cheese matchmaker, hosting a wine and cheese night offers you the opportunity to stretch those muscles among friends who are surely interested in learning about your skills. And for those who, say, just really like the idea of sharing a gustatory experience among friends, hosting such a night gives you and your nearest and dearest a reason to enjoy each other's company and start sampling all those vintages you always wished to try, but never had a reason to purchase and keep around the house. To this end, we've sourced some sophisticated, classy products that will fit right in for such an occasion. If you don't own serving sets or cutlery for the star players in this event, here are a few pieces that do the job and look good doing it. Because part of the fun in hosting something like this is all the attractive glassware and other highly-specific pieces you'll get to own and enjoy using (cheese knives, anyone)? For a sophisticated wine and cheese night, we think these sets certainly put the "fine" in fine dining:
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gold-striped decanter

How much more visually appealing can you get than a gold-striped glass decanter? If you choose to house your wine in such a container (as opposed to the original bottle), this one certainly takes the cake. Gala Decanter, Crate & Barrel, $69.95.  

marble cheese slicer

If it were appropriate to wolf-whistle at a cheese slicer, we just might at this one in particular. It catches our fancy not only for the slick slices it would produce, but also for the gorgeous slab of marble on which your cheese would ever-so-delicately fall and be presented. White Marble Cheese Slicer, Cost Plus World Market, $12.99.

gold knives

If we may be permitted to give another piece of the wine and cheese night collection the Midas Touch, these gold cheese knives fit the "simple but sophisticated" theme perfectly. Gold Cheese Knives, West Elm, $29.
img72o (1)
stacked-wine-storage (1)

geometric wine rack

There are tons of wine racks out there (which you'll need if you're hosting often). We were smitten with this particular one, as its geometric stacking is totally on-trend (and would fit in with our terrariums quite nicely). Stacked Wine Storage, CB2, $29.95.
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.41.30 AM

dotted stemless glasses

And, not to be forgotten are the wine glasses, which vary so much in shape, size and color that there's a lot of room for personal style to come through. We like these dotted stemless ones via Kate Spade Home. Larabee Dot Stemless Red Wine Set, Kate Spade Home, $50.

whale-shaped board

We know we're erring on the side of cute with this pick, but we think these whale-shaped cutting/cheese boards are totally sophisticated, too. (We mean, who could not love these upon sight?) Whale Cutting Board, Anthropologie, $69.95.
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.29.19 AM

wine diary

This pick we included because it's beautiful and personal—an embossed diary that allows you to keep track of your tastings and your preference for each vintage you find. If you host often, this will be an extra-special part of the experience, and start to build your knowledge base of what you like and what you don't. Wine Journal, MoMA Store, $19.95.  
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.28.23 AM
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 10.46.55 AM

lovely toppers

Finally, at the end of a wonderful night with friends, you can cap off the wine till next time with these eye-catching owl-shaped stoppers. Till next week! Woodland Park Owl Bottle Stopper, Kate Spade Home, $40.

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