9 Items To Make Brunch a Thing of Beauty


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We're a culture that has rallied around brunch as a part of our lifestyle, so much so that the Sunday afternoon eating habit has earned a full-blown spot on every menu—and sparked a full-blown uproar when the threat of taking it away nearly came to fruition (sort of). Yes, the hours between breakfast and lunch is a cherished time indeed, and one that emphasizes the pleasure of waking up late and celebrating lounging the day away by cooking up and serving a variety of heavenly, food-coma-inducing goods that would never see the light of day during the work week. Since this is such a special time between friends—and between you and your stomach—to truly enjoy all that life has to offer, brunch provides the perfect opportunity for making the beautiful occasion of friends and food even more beautiful via serveware that just exists to be looked at. Go on and appreciate your devil-may-care attitude at 1 PM on a Sunday with extravagant foodstuffs, but don't forget to add these stunning items for that final flourish to your meal. You deserve it:
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champagne glasses and coasters

These inside out champagne glasses will be the toast of the town (literally). And you should pick up these jazzy coasters to go with them. Inside Out Champagne Glasses, Moma Store, $70. Jules Coaster, Anthropologie, $8.
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gold and blue and teal

Go all gold everything with this gilded platter at right. And these adorable little milk pitchers below are perfect for (spiked) coffee. Gold-Glazed Porcelain Platter, Leif Store, $42. Lotus Creamer, Leif Store, $48.
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the finer things

Get colorful with these napkins bursting with every fun hue in the spectrum. And this cheese platter, below, is beyond classy. Stripes and Flowers Napkins, Zara Home, $35.90. Folding Cheese Board Tool Set, Cost Plus World Market, $40.
Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.20.32 AM
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gorgeous runner

And what dining experience would be complete without a gorgeous table runner to steal the show? We find this one perfectly brunch-y. Hydrangea Table Runner, Anthropologie, $68.

liquid indulgences

Carafes with the Midas touch are the ideal vessel for orange juice, spiked with champagne or not. And how cute are these tiny espresso cups perfectly held in place with a puzzle-like setting? Midas Collection, Design Within Reach, $68-72. Espresso Set, Moma Store, $70.
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