7 Unique Table Runners That Break the (Fabric) Mold


by Kelly Anne Bonner Gone are the days in which you must limit yourself to a table runner made from fabric. Although versatile in itself, the cloth material from which the majority of decorative pieces that slide down the center of our dining tables are made simply hasn't been as exciting lately. Maybe it's do with the rise of Pinterest and bloggers that have helped us discover that when it comes to table runners, there's a lot of creativity to be had that hasn't (in our opinion) been exploited nearly enough. For your experimental and inventive side, here are seven original and unusual table runners that will certainly spice up your evening meals. Insanely easy to DIY and insanely gorgeous, these piece will give your current runner, well, a run for its money. Copy these ideas or be inspired to come up with your own—we say it's about time to break the (fabric) mold when it comes to the center of your dining table: Above, a runner of handmade paper flowers via The Kitchn


Okay, so this one does use fabric—sorta. But we loved the genius idea of making a "table runner" out of two painted lines of watercolor on a tablecloth so much that we just had to include it. It technically doesn't use fabric for the runner itself, so we say this one's in. Image via Sweet Paul Mag

paint sticks

Who knew a set of paint sticks could be so chic? This DIY runner from painted slats is geometric, simple, and just surprising enough to make our list of eye-catching, non-fabric runners. DIY tutorial and image via Ruffled

plants and terrariums

Whether it's in pots or a set of glass terrariums, flora serves quite nicely as an impromptu table runner. Paint on pots can add a splash of color to the mix, while glasses in varying heights add interest in the terrarium setup. DIY tutorials and images via The Chic Site and A Beautiful Mess

just confetti

For a more glitzy feast, gluing together confetti dots makes for a unique and eye-catching runner. We love how the confetti dots fade out as they get closer to the middle of the table—very chic. Image via Laure Joliet

popsicle sticks

For the kids (or the kid in you!), this table runner made from popsicle sticks is particularly delightful. And, contrary to what your initial impression might be upon hearing the idea—it looks good, too! Inspiration Image via Hostess with the Mostess

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