7 Music Spaces that Strike a Chord


We dig it when digs set aside a space for kicking back, relaxing, and listening to some tunes. The range of rooms we've seen these days tends to err on the calmer side—louder, more jazzed-up spaces have given way to quiet places in the house to sit and absorb lyrics and melodies. Mid-century media consoles and older media players are back in full effect as well—a sign of the times that people are looking for ways to express music taste beyond their laptops, where it all now currently resides. If you find yourself in this category, check out our inspiration for how to style your own music and listening space—they're guaranteed to strike a chord:
Image via Restless Oasis

soft rock

A pink wall and ethereal pendant lighten up a sparsely decorated area for a tranquil side of the room to play or browse through records. Inspiration Image via sfgirlbybay.  

easy listening

Records, books, amps and a media console—this music space is simple, yet all decked-out. Keen organization and simple portraits keep the place visually neat and calm. Inspiration Image via Apartment Therapy.  

classic guitar

Guitars hung in a cozy living room are the perfect display pieces—and ready to go for any jamming sessions. Inspiration Image via The Glitter Guide.  

music in the air

How pretty is a mint green music room, and how comfortable does that basket chair look for relaxing and listening to the media player behind it? We can’t argue with this set up. Inspiration Image via Jaclyn Campanaro.  


A stark black-and-white set up creates a thought-provoking listening space. We also like how this one blends the old with the new. Inspiration Image via Restless Oasis.  

modern music

We are obsessed with this colorful record organizer—the tabs are genius! And the shelving nearby is the perfect complement. Inspiration Image via sfgirlbybay.  

bare minimum

A minimal space with tons of stacked records is lightened up by the addition of a few friendly flowers. The lack of distractions is perfect for tapping in to complex pieces. Inspiration Image via Scandinavian Design Modern

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