7 Candles That Have Been Editor-Tested (and Nose-Approved)


by Kelly Anne Bonner The problem with candles is often that it's a one-or-the-other decision: either the package is pretty, or the scent is nice, but almost never both. Granted, scent is a personal preference kind of thing, but it's also true that there are candles out there with fragrances that are just a tad too saccharine or a bit too musky. With this dilemma in mind, our editors went through the task of testing out tons of candles to unearth the perfect scents, and whittled down the list to a mere seven. Here are the candles the noses of our nousDECOR staffers approved. From smoky to fruity to downright fresh, there's a candle for every preference:
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We started off with a more musky character on our scent journey, because if you think it's difficult to find a good candle with a sweeter smell, it's really difficult to find good one with a smokier one. The boutique candle line Apothecary by Paddywax answered that call, which features a line of candles of a more woodsy, husky variety. Our pick was this tobacco and patchouli one, which, contrary to expectations (especially those of non-smokers), smells divine. Tobacco & Patchouli Apothecary Candle, Paddywax, $19.


A post on candles would not be complete without a mention of Diptyque Paris, which might as well translate to candles of the gods. Though a little pricey, these are totally worth it for the candle buff, as these scents will transform and delight your spaces. We recommend the Figuier / Fig Tree scent to start off with, described on the site as, "The warmth of fig wood, the freshness of its leaves and the milky sap." (Sounds about right!). Plus, the glass containers are gorgeous, too. Figuier / Fig Tree in Standard ($60) and Mini ($30), Diptyque Paris.  
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capri blue mercury glass

Leave to Anthropologie to pull out all the stops when it comes to their candles. It's no surprise the tin is gorgeous, and that even the name of the product, Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle has a beautiful sort of ring to it. But as pretty as it is, the scent does not disappoint, described on the site as, "tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens"—AKA, by our definition, so, so fresh. Capri Blue Mercury Glass Jar Candle, Anthropologie, $28.
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blackberry and bay

For those who are into fruity and light scents, the Jo Malone collection has a candle that fulfills the role and then some. This blackberry and bay-scented one is gorgeous looking and smelling, and does a fruit scent in a sophisticated way (a surprisingly hard thing to find). For that, it made our list. Blackberry & Bay Home Candle, Jo Malone London, $70.


If you ever see these in a store, we're here to warn you: you'll be tied up for at least the next half hour. The "Rewined" collection, a set of candles made from repurposed wine bottles, have a set of intoxicating scents named after and set in the bottles of different vintages of wine. We couldn't choose just one for these, as they're all quite amazing. You'll just have to do a sniff test for yourself to see which one you like! Rewined Candles, West Elm, $28.
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marine soy boxed candle

And we couldn't do a list without at least one beachy candle. From the beautiful blue sea glass of the jar to a scent made from crushed sea salt, sea grass and driftwood, this candle from Archipelago is guaranteed to bring the seaside vibe to your place. (Oh, and it's a personal favorite of one of our staffers). Marine Soy Boxed Candle, Archipelago, $29.50.  

vanilla and sandalwood

Last but not least, here's a candle with such a lovely scent, we can't believe it's just $10. And you'll never guess where we got it: CVS. Yep, if you're craving a candle and just can't wait to go to a luxury outlet to get your fix, this particular candle is a staff favorite (and secret!). Essential Elements Candle Vanilla and Sandalwood, CVS, $9.99.
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