7 Couches So Cozy, They Demand a Netflix Marathon (And How to Get Their Look)


by Kelly Anne Bonner Despite naysayers who insist we should all get out from the front of the TV, there are a ton of reasons to park it for a Netflix marathon right now. For one, now has been hailed as the new golden era of television, with Netflix at the forefront. For two, fall is creeping its way in, heralding earlier sunsets and the dark rising up into the evening—perfect for calling it early and coming inside. For three, well, the existence of couches like these you're about to see. Decor lovers, it appears, have become straight geniuses at styling their sofas to maximum comfort. Furry throws and pillows, uber-soft sofa padding and snug corners against which mere mortals are powerless to resist—these living room staples are guaranteeing that once we sit down, we're not going anywhere. Which means that Netflix marathon is pretty much all wrapped up. With couches like these, it'd be crime not to enjoy them until the "Still there?" pop up comes up. (And, of course, after you've clicked out of that message as well).


A casual, Nordic-inspired room creates a visual presence through marble, gray, and a whole lotta fur. A soft deer print ties together the scene—and makes us want to start dimming the lights. Inspiration Image via Dobrusiak  

city apartment

In a city loft, there's nothing quite like a buttery leather sofa, so many pillows, and brick and subway tile to keep you company during a Netflix binge. Oh, and that piano rug—we're taking notes. Inspiration Image via PureHome

country white

Soft white slipcovers look—and, we surmise, feel—like bedsheets. A few shabby-chic accents (like a vintage french door) really sweeten up the look. Time for TV! Inspiration Image via Dreamy Whites

warm color

If you'd rather your comfort zone have a warmer vibe, infusing those soft grays with blush colors really spices up the atmosphere. A small dose of color and pattern here are pitch-perfect in this comfy living room. Inspiration Image via CalDesign

comfy corner

An L-shaped couch or chaise lounge really allows for a cozy corner, like this one here. Stuffing that ninety degree angle with as many throw pillows and throws as possible guarantees one heck of a soft TV-watching spot. Inspiration Image via PureHome

open set up

In a more open floor plan, a sofa in a corner with a floating shelf and perfectly-fitted coffee table creates a comfortable seating area in a snap. Commence lounging now. Inspiration Image via Decor8.  

the perfect comfy spot

Okay, so we located the ultimate soft, cozy, homey, snuggly, insert every adjective about comfiness here in this gorgeous living room. The soft glow of candles, a few sparkly pillows, luxurious throws, and perfect lighting make for an unforgettable, relaxing, Netflix-marathon worthy space. The only risk this area poses is the possibility of never getting up. Inspiration Image via Chic Obsession

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