7 Charming Gender-Neutral Kid's Room Ideas


Maybe there’s a little one on the way and you’d like to start decking out his or her room without ruining the surprise. Or you want your child to grow up resistant to color and gender stereotypes. Or perhaps you’re simply doing a room for brother and sister to share. Whatever the reason, we know it’s especially difficult to decorate kid’s rooms without a specific gender in mind. Luckily for you, gender-neutral children’s rooms are all the rage these days. Here are seven of our favorite, most delightful gender-neutral kid’s rooms, along with some friendly advice on how to go about creating these looks. For when that stork arrives (or with any other intent in mind), now you’ll be prepared with a lovely space for your child that forgoes the signature hallmarks of “boy” or “girl.”  

Image via A Cup of Jo

black + white

The simplest of color combinations, black and white may seem sterile at first, but is compelling for its visually strong components. If you want to create a dynamic environment for future leaders and out-of-the-box thinkers, look no further than here.

Worth taking note: Ditch the pastels of the nursery and work within a black-and-white scheme.  An interior designer can do this marvelously, or you can acquire items only in this palette. Additionally, a cool geometric hanging lamp also adds interest for children to gaze at and help spark their creative ideas. Inspiration Image via Design Dazzle.


Don’t be discriminating—for shared rooms especially, using an array of many colors works better than any pre-determined set of them. A colorful room is cheerful and stimulating, and works well with the addition of also-colorful playmates (re: all those stuffed animals).

Worth taking note: To get this look to read harmonious rather than chaotic, colors should be coordinated within a certain tone (light, medium, dark—look to a color wheel for help). Graphic and vibrant decorations, pillows and duvets keep things lively without being overwhelming. Try to keep at least some neutrals in (white in the wall is shown here) to tone everything else down. After all, the bedroom should be able to not only excite little ones, but also calm them down when sleep time arrives.

Inspiration Image via A Cup of Jo.

little details

Whether you’re redoing a child’s room from scratch to make way for a new sibling or just getting ready for your first, collecting small pieces one-by-one creates a unique mix of special objects. Plus, items like the lovely mobile and bear illustration shown here are pleasing and easy on the eye—perfect for welcoming little newcomers into the world.

Worth taking note: Using a few items to decorate a room in a thoughtful way makes it easy to build upon what you already have, and to make decisions about which direction you want to go. Instead of going out of your way to find these items, find ones you already own that are significant to you, or let yourself happen upon them in an antique store—one day you’ll have wonderful stories to tell them (either true or made-up…we won’t tell!) of their unique origins.

Inspiration Image via Apartment Therapy.

nature, scandanavian-style

While it is easy to tell this room is designed by our friends up north (Ikea, is that you?), there are several great takeaways from this child’s space. Unlike Kermit the Frog’s song, it IS very easy and natural to embrace green, as it is both calming and reviving, just like taking a walk outdoors.

Worth taking note: Adults as well as kids have a lot to benefit from going green, from its zen qualities to its resistance to color stereotypes (a great pick for girls and boys alike). The fish mobile and biology poster are nice touches that contribute to the natural feel of the room, as well as your child’s burgeoning science career. They can easily be acquired through a marketplace like Etsy. Inspiration Image via decor8blog.


We know, you want your child to have a whimsical experience every time they step into their room. But how? The addition of a larger-than-life illustration is the perfect remedy for creating a room that is playful but also stirring to the imagination. Amusing and engaging images like this elephant encourages children’s creativity to soar.

Worth taking note: Putting up a single giant image (such as an animal, space or whatever strikes your fancy) is a ridiculously easy and fun way to decorate a child’s room. Get a decal or printed tapestry via a marketplace like Etsy or have an interior designer hire an artist to create something one-of-a-kind.

Inspiration Image via Apartment Therapy.

art gallery

Your aspiring Picasso or Kahlo will be thrilled to see his or her work on display for everyone to see anytime anyone enters their room. The effect of seeing their work on the wall gallery-style will be ideal for encouraging self-esteem (their artwork is real art!) and makes sure that no beautiful picture goes to waste (i.e., falls off the refrigerator).

Worth taking note: The awesome benefit of using your child’s artwork as decoration is that it poses almost no work for you, except when they want to replace the harder-to-reach ones. All you need is a light framework on which to hang your kid’s masterpieces, most likely to be found at Ikea or other furniture outlets, or you can even just use masking tape. Consider creating an art station below the gallery, as show in the picture, so they can create whenever they feel inspired.

Inspiration Image via A Lovely Lark.

learning center

Instead of adding girly vanities and masculine car-shaped beds, why not try creating a fascinating, gender-neutral space your kids that make them captivated by the world around them? A large, colorful map, tons of books, and even a wall for their artwork make a room an interactive playplace that encourages little readers and creators to explore and engage with their surroundings.

Worth taking note. Many parents create a separate playroom specifically for this kind of behavior, but having books and something like a map in their room with little else piques interest without being overwhelming. Giving children access to books encourages them to read as much as possible, and gets them comfortable sleeping with and being surrounded by learning tools (which is always a good thing).

Image via The New York Times.

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