6 Seriously Stylish Inspirations to Give Your Balcony Some Love This Summer


Once you finish arranging your new apartment, there might be one spot you forget about — the balcony. It's easy to put a couple chairs and plants outside and call it a day, but we know this special spot has some great decor potential. Trust us: no matter what your color scheme, taking some extra time to style this unique space will pay off. After all, your balcony can serve as a creative place to entertain a group, organize a romantic dinner or work from a new environment. It's best to start by thinking about what you might use your balcony for the most, then plan decor based around the colors, patterns and textures you love. For inspiration, check out these six creative ways to turn your balcony into a stylish refuge.

relaxing nook

Imagine taking a load off by stretching out onto your hammock everyday—amazing, right? This brightly-colored balcony makes that fantasy a reality. Match a cute hammock with fluffy white pillows and you've got a balcony that looks so comfy, we'd be surprised if you didn't spent time there every day. Inspiration Image via In my Room

bright and green

A lot of balconies feature green, but mostly in the form of plants. Give your succulents some company by adding a bright green patio chair that will spruce up your space. Add black-and-white accents to complete the look; a gold side table is a great way to add some shine and keep your book nearby. Inspiration Image via Lushome.

star light, star bright

Create a romantic vibe perfect for wine nights by juxtaposing a black table and chairs with glowing white string lights. You don't have to buy much to achieve this look — throw in an essential ice bucket, some lamps and wall decor and you're set. No need to travel far for your next tryst, this balcony will be ready and waiting. Inspiration Image via DigsDigs.

minimal beauty

If you can't decide which colors to use in your balcony, stick to the basics: black and white. This minimal look uses different patterns for an eclectic but unified look. If you can only fit one chair and small table, choose a fun pillow and table mat to add some visual interest. It's all about the details! Inspiration Image via Casa Das Amigas.

getting cozy

This soft-colored layout plays up big perk of owning a  balcony: getting a special space to lay out in the sun. Instead of using a table or chairs, consider making a pile of patio cushions, pillows and throws. All these soft materials will beckon you to sit down, get cozy and enjoy some fresh air. Inspiration Image via DigsDigs.

corner with a view

Most balconies come with a view you can't get anywhere else in the house. If you love gazing out at your surroundings whenever you go outside, keep your decor simple. A wicker storage trunk can double as a seat with patio cushions. It looks even better paired with wicker baskets and your favorite pillows. Inspiration Image via Simone Design Blog.

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