6 Ways to Live Large in a Small Space


It's not like we haven't talked about small space living before. It's just that, as much coverage as we give this topic, people across the web still manage to surprise us with their clever and unusual solutions to tiny quarters. The latest ones we've seen show how a well-organized and thought-out design will elevate a cramped apartment to one that has an unexpected amount of breathing room. And with arrangements like these, "breathing room" is not just a reference to no longer bumping your hip against errantly-placed sofas and tables (although that's a problem, too). We mean things no longer getting in the way of you trying to live large, or really just to live at all. Take a gander at some genius ways to rearrange that'll make the area feel that much less crowded, and feel your space start expanding to accommodate you: 

gauzy divider 

A thin sheet of gauze as a way to split up a room is extraordinarily clever (and we can't help but love space dividers). What's great about this example, too, is that well-measured rugs create visually distinct areas within the space, too, and even help to define a walkway outside the "rooms."

against the wall

In this space, throwing the sofa and bed up against the wall turned out to be the ideal setup. The best part? A vintage chest for a coffee table, which adds a personal stylish touch to a necessary furnishing.


A perfectly-planned tiny city apartment shows the power of measuring items before hauling them in. Each of the furnishings in this space fit just right, which (unless you're extremely lucky) is no accident. And prints leaned against the window sill are a brilliant way to deal with a lack of wall space.

unique setup

This small space features yet another unique setup. A closet is made out of thin air using just a bar suspended from the ceiling, while a living area is sectioned-off via a well-placed sofa. Even a "headboard" featuring photos is a great, eye-catching detail. Oh, and we can't forget that wallpaper—it enriches the space and makes it feel ten times larger due to its fun, whimsical print.

for the younger crowd

Even with its youthful vibe, this space still manages to pique our interest via its easy takeover of a corner area. The bed fits snugly into the section, and a charming set of lights make one think "cozy" over "compact."

print mixing

Lastly, here's a secret to outfitting a small space that will change how you shop for furniture—the smaller the furniture, the more "right" it will feel. Huge furniture will look disproportionate no matter what—and take up precious walking area. A small accent table, a little sofa, and a mini ottoman, as shown here, are an ideal example of this.

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