6 Brilliant Ways to Divide and Conquer Your Space


Once in a while, it's good to shake things up — to throw out the clothes you don't wear, try out a new hairstyle and maybe take a risk on a new paint job for your bedroom. Let's say you've moved around your decor a few times this year already but just can't seem to rejuvenate your space. Short of knocking down the whole room and reconstructing a new one, there's one option you might be overlooking: creating unique dividers. Finding clever ways to change your space — including some that don't even require construction! — can make a room feel like a completely different one. You don't need to resort to just a wall in order to partition a room. These tricks win extra points for their versatility—from using a wooden board for extra privacy to an existing partition as a gallery wall, these ideas might be just the change you need. Whether designing for a feminine, airy bedroom or an edgy, masculine studio, try these fun dividers to add something new. Even the smallest of changes can make a big difference!

copper splash

To turn an existing board behind your bed into something more exciting, consider painting it a shimmering copper. Using light bedsheets and small copper accents will make this board shine even more. 

natural solution

Adding a bit of greenery can freshen up the air — and also your room's look! Consider a mini-greenhouse in a vertical divider to add nature to your interior and variety to your space. 

ethereal sanctuary

Even a simple, sheer curtain can add create a new atmosphere in your space. This bedroom pairs beautiful accents and soft colors with a curtain that feels almost cloud-like. A great way to add a divider that feels less like an interruption and more like a mood enhancer. 

artsy partition

If you already have a partition set up in your space, get artsy with it! Use a blank wall to create your own home gallery with frames of different colors and sizes. Also, don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to  gallery wall design. 

rustic wood board

We love the idea of doing a sort of reverse headboard to add even more comfort to your night's sleep. Consider a wooden divider made with boards and spruced up with art, lamps and more. This simple hack creates a beautiful division between your cozy bed and the rest of the room.

sleek modern blinds

Blinds might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to creating new spaces in a bedroom. But take one look at these edgy panel blinds and you might change your mind! Using an intense color like black also adds a dramatic touch to a modern space.

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