6 Simple Ways to Tweak Your Space While Barely Lifting a Finger


For some, the word overhaul evokes high levels of stress way before any thoughts of incredible transformations. After all, it is the entirety of a space you're talking about when you refer to an interior needing one, which means not only a potentially cool result, but also a lot of time and work to get to that point. While for some it's all about that before/after when redoing a look, for those that don't need the added stress of completely reworking a place from top to bottom, and for those that actually like their place as is, the idea of simply tweaking a few key pieces here and there is much more appealing. Plus, it's possible to do so while barely lifting a finger, which, suffice to say, takes the stress part out of the equation. Here are 6 teeny-tiny ways you can casually go about restyling your space without having to put much time and effort into it. And the best part is, if you do one of these per weekend, the end result could potentially qualify as—gasp—an easy, non-stressful overhaul. 

1. Paint just PART of a wall. Painting a whole room could definitely qualify as an overhaul (and possibly an ordeal). But picking out a small section to slap some color on is simple and quick—and, as this example shows, creates an interesting, refreshing end result. 

2. Move your rugs around. Instead of keeping your rugs in the same old spots, move ones from the living room into the bedroom, or take your rugs and have them face the other way (horizontally versus vertically). A rug can be perfectly fitted to a certain spot in a space, but there's no reason it can't be layered differently or pulled in another direction to make them slightly off-kilter for an eye-catching look. 

3. Hang up your plants. Take all those houseplants you have sitting around and suspend them from the ceiling. There are quite a few cool DIY's floating around on cool macrame plant holders, but a few simple strings should do the trick—and since they're light, you won't have to get too crazy with the ceiling hooks you use to hang them. 

4. Rearrange your gallery wall. Your gallery wall is awesome, no lie. But what other spatial combinations exist that you haven't tried after settling on your current one? Take down your prints and put them in a new arrangement. We guarantee you'll be looking at them in a whole new way. 

5. Move your bed to another area of your room. While perhaps the oldest trick in the book, this concept is still a solid one for how effective it really is. We like moving beds in front of windows if you have them, or turning them to face another direction. Your room will look like completely different in the span of a few minutes. 

6. Draw back your curtains. Take your curtains aside in any room you have them with a nice tie or rope, or a pretty curtain hook if you have the time to install one. This trick increases the dramatic impact of a space effortlessly—and will make your overhaul-inclined friends jealous that they just didn't try doing that themselves before ripping up the tiles in their kitchens. 

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