6 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Space—For Under $50

You can get a lot of things for fifty bucks. A new dress, a laptop case, perhaps some high-tech cookware. But what you don’t often think of in terms of the “possible for less than $100”  category is ways to revamp your home decor  completely. For some reason, the perception reigns that if you go for even one new decor item, you’ll be set back by at least fifty bucks, if not more. This is most likely due to the fact that for years, decor items that were actually aesthetically-pleasing were never cheap. Luckily, times have changed, and the “cheap chic” mentality that’s swept through fashion is making its way into home goods. Take a look at six super simple ways to add a few (more than one!) decor items and a new touch to your space–all for under $50.

bedside revamp

When doing a space revamp, the bedside table is the perfect place to start. For just $44, you can get a new print, a new tray, and an awesome geometric vase, which will still leave you room to finish off the tabletop with some fresh cut flowers.

a few white pieces

In love with that stark white look, but just don’t know how to go about doing it without shelling out hundreds of dollars? For just $47, investing in a few key items—a side table, a throw, a mug, and a candle—will give you that clean feeling without breaking the bank.

accent table revamp

Update your accent table look by switching out the knick-knacks on it for a glass-and-gold box and a candle and vase. A new print ties it all together beautifully, all for $49.


Here’s a unique way to refresh your entryway—why not go with a more rustic, natural look? Some ferns and seashells in glass vases will go a long way to creating a more nature-inspired look for just $45.

vanity update

A vanity revamp is effortless—with a new print and by switching out the jewelry containers for $43, the space in front of the mirror is like new.

personalized entryway

A budget of $50 also gives you the ability to get personal with your decor. Letters by the entryway signaling your initials or the place in which you live help to contextualize your space—for just $16. Other decor pieces—a new candle, a frosty vase—help to complete the look for just $40 total.

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