Tacky No More! 6 Rooms That Will Change Your Opinion About Wallpaper


by Eva Recinos Wallpaper can feel like a decor trick of the past, but it seems like this antiquated method is making a comeback—in surprising ways. It's become so much better, in fact, that instead of feeling old and traditional, these wallpaper patterns actually look sophisticated and modern. Witnessing them in use in chic, unexpected ways has us turning back to the rolls in the back of our closet with renewed interest. In fact, based on the recent shift in the uses of wallpaper, we might even have to say that our opinion about the decor item has been changed entirely.   The best part is that with these eye-catching wallpaper designs, you can keep your decor pretty simple. Forget a single-colored wall: these rooms prove that the right pattern can make a room much more interesting. Check out how these rooms reinvigorate a tired trend:  Image via paperblog.

bright and adorable

Keep the kids' room simple with neutral colors that make a bright yellow wall really pop. We love the way this wallpaper doesn't overwhelm the eye and adds just the right amount of color to the space. Pairing the wallpaper with yellow and gray art ties everything together in this cozy and playful look. Inspiration Image via My Hunter Gatherer.


simple and elegant

Using wallpaper on just one wall of this living room adds great visual interest. This look works well because it uses colors from the wall to pick accents — the light blue shows up again in vases while the brown pops thanks to a dark wooden coffee table. It's an easy way to take your living room from average to interesting and elegant. Inspiration Image via Real Simple.

ultra chic office

We cannot get over this stylish office space. The black-and-white wallpaper looks super chic with black furniture and silver accents. An eye-catching print of a large pair of lips hints that this office belongs to someone that's super fashion-savvy. Inspiration Image via Waiting on Martha.

minimal yet unique

We normally wouldn't go for all-black decor in the living room but it works so well with this patterned wallpaper. Keeping the accents dark gives a sophisticated look to this space. Proof that if you have a great pattern on the wall, you don't need much else to create a stylish space. Inspiration Image via Brewster Home Fashions.

stylish waves

We love the whimsical nature of this wallpaper. It looks even better when paired with a wooden side table and a little porcelain swan. It makes us want to sit back with a copy of "Moby Dick." Inspiration Image via Design Love Fest.

geometric dining space

We love the idea of trying wallpaper in the dining room area. A wooden dining table with round chairs hardly needs any decor because of this quirky wallpaper pattern. The wallpaper keeps things minimal yet interesting by using little pops of color here and there. Inspiration Image via paperblog.

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