6 Next-Level Conveniences for a Modern Kitchen


We support everything that makes life lighter, brighter and more beautiful—but it's also lovely when things are made more convenient, too. And nowhere is that more true than in the kitchen, where storage problems abound and there's opportunity for clutter galore. We scoured the web and came across six clever and smart kitchen additions that'll have you wondering how you ever ran your kitchen without them. Read on to find out about your favorite new amenities.  

wine storage.

A sleek, attachable wine cooler is a chic and simple appliance we simply couldn't pass by. This version is available at Brookstone.

siri grocery list.

This voice-recognition grocery-list organizer is the coolest thing we've seen in a while. Simply tell your organizer what you plan to pick up from the store, and it'll print out a hard-copy list for you. Neat! Via Amazon.

magnetic knife rack

While perhaps not the newest convenience on the block, we had to give this old favorite some props—not only does it work to get knives out of the knife block and thus off the counter, but it looks good doing it as well. We recommend getting this one from Ikea—it's only $15! Image via Andrew Louw Photography

wooden cookbook and ipad stand

A gorgeous cookbook and iPad stand that doubles as a measurement chart? Sign us up. From West Elm.

pop-up electrical outlet

Not only a great way to save space on the ever-crowded kitchen counter, but also to have multiple plugs available at any given time. With so many kitchen gadgets these days, we could call this more of a lifesaver than a convenience. Via Mockett.

pegboard, and a perk

This DIY pegboard for holding kitchen utensils via A Beautiful Mess would be a been-there, done-that—if not for the outlines indicating where you should put specific tools back. Now that's a genius trick we definitely plan to adopt—we can't argue with both an organized (and unique!) look.

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