6 Must-Haves from a Website that Does Decor Great.ly


By Eva Recinos Nowadays, it's easy to find product recommendations from bloggers, interior designers and other influencers online. Browsing curated collections and blogs feels almost as good as getting firsthand advice from someone you know with fantastic taste. Great.ly adds to the curated conversation by creating  an online space where tastemakers and makers can connect. On the site, you will find virtual boutiques by influencers like website Glitter Guide,  blogger Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict and designer Melissa Coleman. With their already established influence and brand, the tastemakers drive attention to the makers' unique items. A win-win situation! The website separates products into five general sections: Accessories, Art & Design, Home & Living, Kids' Stuff and All Tastemakers' Boutiques. Each boutique also features themed collections like For the Kiddos and Chic Gifts. When you browse items, you can check out how many tastemakers love each object and which boutiques feature it in their inventory. Needless to say, we fell in love with pretty much all of the fabulous items on the website. Check out some of our favorites below! Cheers Mini Bowls, Set of 4, Great.ly, $34.

chic planters

Plants never looked so sophisticated! We love the simplistic design of these stylish planters. Gold Inverse Mini Air Plant Pods, Great.ly, $29. Genie Tillandsia or Dried Flowers Planter, Great.ly, $30.

pretty pillowcases

Throwing yourself into a pile of pillows at the end of the day must feel even better with these adorable pillowcases. (Talk about artsy decor.) Blue Watercolor - Throw Pillow Case, Great.ly, $25. Aztec Arrows Pillow, Great.ly, Great.ly, $24.

quirky chalkboard

Sure to be a hit with kids, this unique elephant chalkboard would make a great addition to any room. We could also definitely see it hanging in a kitchen with the day's menu. Elephant Chalkboard, Great.ly, $56.

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