6 Fun, Creative Ways to Do Florals For Spring


Everything's coming up in florals around the nD offices lately, from DIY projects to making spring-y moodboards. Even our outfits are not immune to the lively patterns! While dreaming up ways to bring the loveliness of the season in, we couldn't stay away from decor with blooms, and arranged six fun and fresh ways to make your interiors all garden-like. Here's how you can get in on the flower power and easily update your scheme for spring:


First up, perhaps the simplest addition that you can squeeze in without disrupting other elements is simply a piece of artwork featuring large, colorful flowers. Spring is the perfect time to get your Georgia O'Keefe on, and as a bonus you can store them when winter rolls around and take them out each season. Image via India Hicks


A bolder, but fun way to add in florals? Try a new wallpaper scheme. If you’re having some doubts about doing an entire room, try just a section or that back of a bookcase. (Mark Cutler gives some great ideas on different ways to use wallpaper here.) Image via Good Housekeeping.


A fun way to add a fresh pop of florals is on the floor through rugs. Totally gives new meaning to stopping and taking a look (down) at the flowers. Image via Dering Hall


We love the idea of sunlight streaming through feisty, floral curtains. We can’t argue with this look in the living room, but we think they’d shake up a traditional kitchen curtain just as well. Image via South Gate Residential


Vivid, colorful throw pillows add just the right amount of zest in this living room, don’t you think? While pillows may be an obvious place to turn for pattern, try changing things up by choosing them in colors that stand in great contrast to the rest of your design, like this room demonstrates. Image via Brit.co


A flowery comforter is the perfect way to sync in the pattern in your bedroom. One that already matches your color scheme ensures the florals don’t completely clash with everything else you already have. Image via HomeEdit.

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