6 Cozy Reading Corners Perfect For That Beach Read You Didn't Finish on the Sand


Ah—to lay out on the beach with a great read, toes in the sand, the sun warming your skin, and the sounds of the waves crashing and children playing in the background. That, most people would agree, is the meaning of summer, and getting that experience as much as you can before August passes into September is paramount to recharging before heading back into chilly fall. As you move through your exciting, plot-driven beach read by the sea, the time will inevitably come when the sun sets, people pack up their towels, and you have to head home. But the time may come, too, where as you pack up your car, you can't stop thinking about how you still haven't finished your book, and you just need to know how everything works out. For when you arrive home all toasty and relaxed, but still want to be nose-deep in your novel, here are some cozy reading corners that still lend you the ability to get away from it all within the confines of your own home. So take a deep breath, shake off the sand, and curl up in one of these lovely reading corners we've recreated for your twilight-lit, post-beach reading hour. Now there's no need to go to bed until you've reached the very last page: Inspiration Image via Architecture for London

jewel-toned corner

This jewel-toned reading corner is perfect for a quiet afternoon finishing a thrilling read—and for looking at even when no one is sitting in it! Inspiration Image via Style By Emily Henderson.

kid corner

Or, after having fun playing at the beach, having your kids nestle up in a corner like this to read is the perfect way to calm down for the day. Inspiration Image via ministyleblog.

scandinavian inspired corner

A perfectly-polished, Scandinavian-inspired corner is sparse and fresh for a cozy night in of reading. Inspiration Image via Architecture for London

calming gray corner

A cozy gray and neutral corner with nature inspirations is late-night-reader-approved. Inspiration Image via Simple Bliss Blog.

rustic traditional corner

This traditional corner with rustic touches is charming and the only kind of place one would read Dickens in (if we ruled the world). Inspiration Image via The Wood Grain Cottage.

toddler corner

Sometimes, a guazy sheet and a soft, sheepskin rug is all you need for a toddler to feel like he's in reading-land (after returning from beach-land, of course). Inspiration Image via Tiny Me

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