This September, Give Your Garden a Vintage Charm


by Mark Cutler

The beginning of September is a great time to start heading back out to the garden. It’s been a full growing season over the summer months, and all the new additions you added back in May are starting to look like they’ve been there forever.

I love adding older vintage pieces to my garden and then watching as they get buried in the landscape. Here are some things that you might consider for your garden to give them a bit of vintage charm:


Image via Lobster and Swan


Image via Heather Bullard

1. Urns and pots. Mixing vintage urns and pots in among planted material can really liven up the garden. It certainly will give your planting area a loose cottage feel. I planted this year’s vegetable garden in pots and it’s done remarkably well.  
2. Architectural salvage. As you scour yard sales and flea markets this summer, keep your eye out for architectural salvage. It might be an old section of tile floor, a part of a broken stone fountain, or even a bit of old terracotta building facade. Placing these among your drifts of wildflowers give a garden a great sense of age.

Image via Woman's Day.


Image via Meer Decor

3. Gnomes. Now many of you are probably rolling your eyes, but finding vintage gnomes can be a great pursuit. I actually have a friend who travels the world collecting them, and a bit of whimsy in the garden is always a good thing.  
4. Vintage store advertising. Using old advertising is a great way to disguise a wall in of your home that’s not particularly pleasing from the outside. I like to place them and then trail vines all around so that they are seen within a green leafy backdrop.  

Image via Funky Junk Interiors


Image via Fine Art America

5. Old gardening tools. This could be a lot of things—maybe an old wheelbarrow transformed into a planter, or a collection of antique rakes mounted on a wall. Raid your grandparents’ home—you may be surprised what you find!

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