5 Things That Will Make You an Ideal AirBnB Guest (and All-Around Kind Person)


by Mark Cutler

I have to admit that I am a bit old fashioned. To me, staying at an AirBnB place is still a lot like going to visit friends. Although I’ll admit that I prefer to rent places where I get to have the whole place to myself, staying in someone’s spare room can have all sorts of advantages, including the cost. I thought I might share some ideas on how to make your visit as pleasant for your hosts as is for you, as kindness goes a long way to making the world (and each place you visit) a better place.


Image via Lonny, of an AirBnB rental in Paris. 


Image via Artifact Uprising

1. Be nice to the neighbors. Having AirBnB guests can sometimes be a bit of a contentious issue, so try to be as considerate of the neighbors as possible. Don’t be too loud, no parties and smile—it will go a long way! 2. Leave behind a small gift from where you live. I am from Los Angeles, and usually travel with a collection of small boxes of See’s Candy (a Los Angeles institution) that I share with people at my destination.
3. Make sure you leave an honest review. How did you find this place? Probably from searching through countless reviews, and word of mouth is by far the most effective advertising. So do your host a solid and leave an honest review about your stay. 4. Treat their home just like your own. No feet on the furniture, shoes off at the door, etc. The best places to stay are the ones where people have really taken the time to make their place special and they want to share that with you. So honor that intention by treating your host with respect.  

Image via Nook & Sea.

8d9f8c1c2542168dfe005f51679317c5 (1) Image via Flickr
5. Be adventurous. One of the best things about the AirBnB experience is that you can visit almost any location in the world and experience it like a local. So be adventurous and visit places that you might not otherwise consider, or stay in a part of the city that is not so touristy. Magic often happens in the most unexpected of places!

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