How to Wow Family & Friends With An Awesome Guest Room


When was the first time you really knew you were an adult? For me, it’s when I realized that, holy cow, I was actually hosting Christmas for my whole out-of-town family. 

I've always loved when I stay at someone’s house and they have put in place little thoughtful details to make my stay more comfortable, so I decided to do that for my own family, hoping that what was lacking in actual accommodations (they stayed in our basement, some on inflatable mattresses – ouch), would be made up in nice little touches.

I scoured the internet for ideas to take my guests’ experience from good to great! Here are some of the best tips I found:

Leave reading material by the bed

1) Provide reading material and adequate lighting next to your guest’s bed. In this case, I included a short little lamp with low lighting next to a fold-out couch, perfect for reading. And I also added a few family photos for a personal touch.

leave fresh towels and flowers for out-of-town guests

2) Give your guests extra towels, not just one per person. It’s a small thing, but an abundance of towels could really make your guests feel more comfortable. While you’re at it, go ahead and put an extra blanket in the closet in case it gets chilly at night, and some extra pillows too.

3) In the shower, provide shampoo / conditioner and a new bar of soap. I did just that, and it’s cute! Just like the Ritz, I’m telling you!

leave a gift basket for out of town guests

4) Snacks and flowers never hurt anyone. I bought these red tulips at the grocery store for like $5 and I really think the room came alive with just that little bit of color and thoughtfulness.

My sister-in-law’s parents sent us a gift basket of fruit and nibbles (thanks, Mark and Nancy!), and I put it in my parents’ room before they arrived – such a great idea for future reference! Put some fruit and something naughty (aka something sweet) in a basket in your guest’s room. I also added some DIY holiday artwork by my two-year-old and a photo of the grandkids.

5) Add a personal touch. I made sure to leave Twizzlers for my mom (it’s her favorite candy!) and a small fan for my brother who can’t sleep without white noise. Just a little something to let them know that you are glad they are there.

And now for your viewing pleasure, feast your eyes on these fabulous guest rooms – I would show you pictures of my own, but who wants to see a basement full of aerobeds??

Designing a guest bedroom

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Photo Via Lorri Dyner Design

Photo via Mark D Sikes

Do you have family or friends staying with you this Christmas? Any tips for bringing a little love to their stay?

About the author: Lorri Dyner of Lorri Dyner Design is a decorator, blogger and TODAY Show regular. Her expertise helps us transform our homes, one simple idea at a time. She helps busy, overextended families and professionals who are frustrated that their homes just do not feel "finished." Her approach is simple: easy, affordable and clever solutions that take a space from “eh” to “ahhhh!” 

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