5 Simple Ways To Save Water Around The House

Here in California, we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in years. As a result, we’re actively looking for ways to cut our water consumption. It’s probably good practice for us all anyway, as it’s a precious resource and being conscious about how we use it is always going to be a good thing. Here are some great water-saving ideas that you might want to think about using around the house, as a little from us all will make a big difference.

1. Plant a drought-tolerant garden. We all love a verdant lawn and lush planting and landscape, but it takes a huge amount of water to sustain that, especially in warmer climates. But if you have a green thumb, don’t fret—even a drought-tolerant garden can be colorful and green. Try as much as possible to use plants that are native to your area, as these will be best-suited to your climate. Here is a website that can help you identify what is native to your area.

2. Install low-flush toilets. Swapping out your toilets with low flush versions can make a huge difference. Even going from a 1.4 gallon tank to 1.2 gallons can add up to some substantial savings. If swapping out your toilet is not an option, you can always add a plastic bottle to your tank to take up some space and it will have a similar effect.

3. Fix any leaks, anywhere. To you it may seem like a small thing, but over time that dripping faucet or leaky pipe can really add up. As an experiment, place a bucket under it, and you will see it fills remarkably quickly. So do a quick scan around the house to see where your money may be dripping away.

4. Don’t wash without a full load. Two of the biggest water users in the house are going to be your dishwasher and laundry machine. First of all, try to invest in the most water-conserving models that you can find. Then only run them with a full load. This will ensure the best efficiency of water use. I know it’s tempting to run the dishwasher after every meal, but try to hold back.

5. Shower with a friend. See! Conserving water is not just a painful experience—it can be fun too. And that’s all I have to say about that! 😉

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