5 Fab, No-Sweat Ways to Introduce Spring Into Your Dorm Room


Now that the new semester is about halfway over, you'll have some time to breathe before finals kick in. Why not take that as an opportunity to introduce some fresh, spring-y decor into what is no-doubt a stressful dorm area? I've come up with five fab, no-sweat ways to bring spring in (that's also totally affordable!). After all that studying and all those exams, you could use a "refresh" button—after adding these fun items, your dorm will feel like you just pressed it. Get some ideas here, and let me know your own by giving me a shout out @nousdecor. Spring awaits:

Image via eBay

1. Start with the windows

One of the best ways to bring spring into your dorm is to introduce shots of bright color in the room. I love to use colorful window treatments for this purpose, but I understand most college students won’t have the budget for finished drapery. So—why not try colorful window panels made from saris or tapestries? They are translucent generally, come in every imaginable color and also bring in some terrific patterns.

2. Get some spring flowers for busy students

Of course nothing says spring like flowers! If you’re looking for the best kind of flower for the busy student lifestyle, I suggest you go out and grab some orchids. They are relatively easy to keep alive, can survive without much light and will flower for most of your remaining term in school. Perfect!

Image via ProFlowers
Image via H&M Home

3. Add some throw pillows—but don't go crazy! 

Now there is the matter of your bed—a few well-selected throw pillows will jazz that right up. I would be careful not to over do it, though. One with a solid or small pattern and one with a large pattern should be all that you need. Don’t be afraid to blend colors, either—with only two pillows you run little chance of creating a disaster, so go wild!

4. Add some bright, affordable art

Then there’s all that wall space...a few well-selected art pieces will not break the bank and can really brighten up your room. I am in love with youshouldbuyart.com (formerly 20x200)—they have great pieces at all price points, so there is no excuse for not finding something that you like. I found this great piece by Jenny Odell, which features 125 swimming pools. This is the perfect piece to say: BRING ON SUMMER!

Image via Ikea

5. And end with the floor 

The last piece of the puzzle is the floor. Having some brightness there can really change the way you look at the room—I think that Ikea has some of the best well-priced rugs you will find. This round one is a particular favorite, and it’s only $9.99!

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