5 Easy Ways to Go Mad for Plaid


By Mark Cutler

Using any strong pattern in a room can be a real challenge, and perhaps the mother of all these is plaid. A little bit can definitely go a long way with this motif. But the question remains: where do you start when working with it in a room?

For this week’s “5 Things,” here are my tips on how to make this ageless pattern work for you in a modern way:


Image via design*sponge.


Image via design*sponge.

1. To make plaid mix well with other printed fabrics, try to stay away from stripes and geometric patterns, as you’ll have a lot of that already in this pattern. Try mixing in some florals and other types of graphic prints instead.  
3. Try using plaid as the only pattern in the room. I think it would look great in a monochromatic room where everything is one color and then the pillows and drapes  are done in plaid. It would make the pattern really stand out and introduce some great color. 4. Looking for a fun DIY project? Try painting a plaid pattern onto an old table top. It’s a great way to refresh an old piece of furniture and will make it feel new and modern.  

Image via House Beautiful.


Image via The Selby

5. If you want to be truly bold with this pattern, be that! Cover EVERYTHING in plaid—upholstery, drapes walls and even the ceiling. As granny used to say, “Too much is just enough!”    

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