5 DIY & Decorating Blogs Worth Daydreaming Over



The heat of summer is getting to us. With temperatures rising outdoors, it's all we can do to stop ourselves from lazing on our sofas, rolling over to avoid hot laptops on our skin, and frittering away our time on Pinterest and decor blogs. (We know—our lives are really hard.) We'll assume it's happening to you, too. When it's so hot there's nothing you can do but browse the internet listlessly and daydream the day away (right?), the work of a few DIY & decorating blogs are what keep us going in spite of the heat. If you're in need of a few more sources of inspiration to forget the indian summer going on outdoors, here's some of our favorite blogs we've bookmarked to imagine all the lovely DIY projects we'll very soon be doing (once it cools down a bit, that is). Take a look at what we consider to be some of the (day)dreamiest blogs around:


1. Oh Happy Day!  A blog dedicated to holidays and occasions—and all the DIY's that one could POSSIBLY do to celebrate them—Oh Happy Day! is a craft-happy place bursting with ice cream, marshmallows, watermelon, papier mâché, colors, and fun. Go here if you're ever hosting a party for ANY occasion to up your decorating game. Oh, and the home decor section is pretty great, too! Hosting an Animal Party DIY Bon Voyage Party Invitations


2. Sincerely, Kinsey Sincerely, Kinsey is a blog that's a bit boho, a bit muted, and one hundred percent beautiful. Kinsey is a photographer and DIY doer with a penchant for a subdued, quiet palette and a knack for creating comforting home items, such as DIY dryer sheets, hand lotion, kitchen utensils and soap. Perfect for envisioning the cozy, relaxing space of your dreams. DIY Painted Kitchen Utensils Homemade Lemon Herb Soap        

painted dipped wooden spoons kitchen utnesils diy

Lemon Herb Soap Recipe 20


3. a pair & a spare A pair & a spare is a blog dedicated to beautiful and simple DIY's, but offers an abundance of home and travel inspiration, too. While it features quite a few fashion DIY's, when she does do home decor ones, they are certainly something to be seen (and done). Lots of fun stuff on this site—the before and after section is truly marvelous.  DIY Rope-Wrapped Mason Jar Lights DIY Rose Garland




4. McGrath II (formerly Good Bones, Great Pieces) 

McGrath II, curated by former magazine editors/interior designers, features great design (of course), lovely decorating ideas, and a gentle, welcoming presence. Carrying a wealth of inspiring and dreamy interiors, as well as ways to go about recreating them, we give this blog a, One day, all my rooms will look like this rating on the daydream scale.

Eva Chen's Office

3 Ways to Assemble Art for a Gallery Wall

5. The House That Lars Built  The House That Lars Built has a warm energy, with DIY posts that are pleasurable to peruse and visuals in an array of pastel hues. Brittany Watson Jepson, the founder, has returned to the US from Copenhagen and brought some of that sensibility with her—an eye for simple, good design and DIY's that is not lost on readers. Ballon arch tutorial Hanging paper lantern tutorial and template      


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