5 Designer-Approved Decor Items to Spend Your Tax Refund On


I know what everyone's thinking when tax refund time comes around—Great! Free money! And, if you're a designer, the second thing that comes to mind is—what new accessories can I purchase with this lump sum that just jumped into my bank account? I've got a list of items know I'll be grabbing when I get mine back. I highly suggest them as worthy purchases with your tax refund for rejuvenating your home—send me your own list @nousdecor, and, for now, check out mine and compare:

Image via Art Star

new art

I love this piece from the artist Noel Kerns—I especially like his philosophy of "letting the moonlight tell the story." There's something magical about his "After Dusk" series that I think would fascinate the eye of any incoming guest.

new graphic lamps

These lamps are super graphic and dynamic. I also like that they come in a pair—makes your money go further!

Image via 1st Dibs
Image via Anthropologie

new knob

With the extra pocket change, I figured: why not take this as an opportunity to change all the knobs in the kitchen? It's such an affordable, fun solution to make the place bright and sunny. I know that's what I'll be doing.

new accent table

I find a small accent table to be such a small and easy update. Plus, the shape of this one is so modern and tasteful.

Image via Oly Studio

new chandelier

I think the simplicity of this chandelier is great! It feels a lot more modern since it is lacking all the print usually on this style of chandelier. It's another addition that's elegant and also easy to blend in with your current scheme.

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