3 Ways We'd Style Our DIY Modern Lamp


So you've used our handy guide to DIYing your own retro, ornate lamp into something funky and modern. Or, at the very least, you've watched our video to recreate your own. Now what? The fun part, of course—playing around with how to style your DIY item into your home. To this end, we created three very different moodboards to visualize a few different ways we'd style our DIY lamp.

brooding masculine

We never thought of what a masculine combo black and copper are, but paired in this room our lamp looks like such an obvious fit with neutral furnishings.

modern and fresh

Our lamp paired in a bright and cheery room speaks to the DIY's newfound modernity from its transformation. We love a light room accented with darker pieces (including our DIY item).

navy & green

Navy blue and seafoam green seem somehow just right aside our little lamp. Natural accents finish off the winning combination for a fresh look. Moral of the story? There are virtually endless stylings of a particular piece—it all comes down to personal preference. (That, and a little bit of an eye for design, aided by our moodboard builder tool!)

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