3 Retailers, 3 Bathrooms, and $100? Challenge Accepted


feture image bathroom 100
by Kelly Anne Bonner A while back, we did a post about how to style an office for under $800. In it, each editor was assigned a retailer and told to create a moodboard with an office space as their inspiration for $800 or less. While we loved the story, and it was certainly budget-friendly, the idea of doing a room for under that amount didn't ruffle any feathers (even though it is pretty impressive, if we do say so!). So, we thought it time to officially throw down the gauntlet and get ludicrous with not only the space we did, but also our allowance for it. If a home office for $800 was just a good start, then we were going to have to start pushing for more difficult limitations. That was when our ultimate dare came up: could we, in fact, style a bathroom with just $100? We each got a retailer—Modcloth, Cost Plus World Market, and H&M Home—and it was on. It's worth it to reiterate that in home decor, it is no picnic to locate items that fit within that budget range, so we were forced to be pretty selective. Below is the fruit of our labors. And let's just say: it may not have been Sparta, but it definitely got fierce.

h&mH&M Home may be a new kid on the block, but it's quickly moving up as a fan favorite among budget-minded decor lovers. For just $83.65, this moodboard managed to squeeze in storage, linens, and a soap dispenser. The secret to such a savvy, yet affordable moodboard? By sticking to simple pieces. "White and black—simple yet chic. Can't go wrong with that," says Rebecca Martin, our in-house interior designer who created it.

cost plusFor this moodboard, focus was the name of the game. As I was adding in items, I constantly had to delete for running over budget. There was a gorgeous Jute rug in particular that got the axe that I was sad to see go. However, the final result shows that light, easy pieces recreate this sparse bathroom inspiration quite well—all for just $96.94.

modcloth Finally, social media manager Yvonne Young notes the  struggles of working with a brand that isn't solely-focused on the "cheap chic" mentality. "It was difficult to get my moodboard within the budget," she noted. Her solution? "I picked little trinkets to create the look I wanted without splurging." Perfect idea—and it looks like it worked out. This moodboard clocks in at $90.97. 

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