15 Things Only a Decor Lover Would Get


We're not saying decor lovers are an inherently exclusive group. In fact, if anything, they're totally inclusive, inviting as many people as they can to share in their fondness for decorating. But, we will say this—there's definitely a certain lingo that's passed around in this circle, as well as a few things that they all totally "get" because they describe their lives in a nutshell. This list contains the latter, as decor lovers are guaranteed to have encountered at least these 15 experiences—sometimes more than once. If you're the type to always be thinking of the next room you're decorating, or are pinning interiors constantly, or know more than one use for a mason jar—this one's for you.

1. You dream in chevron. All black and white zig zags everything. 

2. There's always a few things waiting for you in your shopping cart at every online home retailer you go to. From the last time you were there. Which was yesterday. 

3. You count Anthropologie, West Elm and Target among your VIP contacts in your email inbox. Right there next to your boss. Yep.

4. You don't have just one interior design Pin board—please. You've got a Pin board for every room of your “house." You need a separate board for the kitchen, bathroom, the bedroom...and obviously the private guest house that you'll definitely own one day. 

5. You’ve pinned the same room 3 times, and there’s a chance you’ll pin it again. Don't judge us. 

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6. Your living room looks different because this is the sixth time you’re switched out the accessories. This week. Because restyling at all times is a must.

7. Shabby chic is not a style—it’s a way of life. Trust.

8. The salespeople at Pottery Barn know you by name. If you didn't think it was possible to be a regular at a decor store...oh, it is. 

9. You know more than 101 uses for a mason jar, and you don't even own any mason jars. Their versatility when it comes to decor is not lost on you.

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10. This meme. Thanks, Apartment Therapy!

11. You visit that same desk at Restoration Hardware like you would an old friend. One day you two will be together...one day.

12. To you, Craigslist and Google are basically the same thing. Because you're always looking for furnishings, anyway.

13. Your Instagram is a never-ending feed of interiors. And if there were a room version of a selfie, that would describe all your posts.

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14. You spend more time in the Buzzfeed DIY section than on the rest of it. And that site is already a time vampire for you. 

15. You have nightmares about running out of glue sticks for your glue gun. Luckily this would never happen, because you've got Michael's on speed dial. 

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