Best Way To Move A Dresser – TOP Guide 2020

Best Way To Move A Dresser - TOP Guide 2020

How to move your dresser? This best way to move a dresser will help you do it easier.

Transferring your furniture is not a simple job. Especially if it’s a massive item of furniture such as a dresser. The drawers drop out and land on the ground, which may harm the materials inside and the dresser itself, but dressers could be heavy and hard to transport.

That is why we curated five steps about the best way best to transfer your dresser, to create moving it a bit simpler.

Things to do before packaging and moving a dresser

Things to do before packaging and moving a dresser

Before you choose to pack up and transfer your dresser into the new house – short space using a local move or long distance using a cross-country play, you want to be sure it’ll make sense to move your furniture piece from the first location.

Assess the requirement to move the dresser

Before you rush to after the comprehensive actions to packaging and moving a dresser, you merely need to ask yourself if moving that massive agency is the correct thing to do beneath your particular set of circumstances.

In Reality, there are several reasons why transferring your dresser into the brand new house may prove to be quite a poor idea:

It’s too old, too worn out, or too damaged to be worth moving to a different nation region.

It’s zero sentimental value for you – it is only a bit of furniture which will likely cost you to transfer it than to buy a new one following the transfer;

It’s never been sensible enough to be worth the hassle of transferring it all of the ways into the new location.

It won’t match the design or fit the d├ęcor of their new residence, possibly because of the enormous size, mismatching layout, or inconsistent color. To put it differently, will the dresser match the new house or apartment?

Prepare the proper packing materials.

As soon as you make your mind up that you are transferring your dresser into the new house, no matter what, you will want to get started considering collecting the proper packaging materials. Hence, the furniture piece receives the most excellent possible protection to endure the move travel beforehand.

The matter is there are possible dangers for your dresser at each corner – while you are taking it from your bedroom, then carrying it down the hallway to the front door, then carrying it from the house, loading it to the moving truck, and ultimately, securing it within the moving vehicle.

When the dresser is sent to the address, along with the remainder of your furniture pieces, other family things, and boxes, each one of these activities needs to be replicated in reverse order.

So, as you can see, you’ll need adequate packing equipment to protect the corset throughout the home moving process: furniture blankets, Plastic wrap (stretch wrapping), Bubble wrap cardboard, Masking tape (painter’s tape), and Packaging tape.

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Get the right-moving gear.

The perfect method to move a dresser on your own would be to utilize the right-moving gear to safely and quickly finish the heavy task. Security, of course, ought to be your main concern, therefore do the ideal thing and use the proper instruments to steer clear of any bad injuries to your back, fingers, or feet.

Additionally, using decent moving gear can allow you to prevent expensive damage to the property you are moving from or moving to. Most frequently, that property damage comes in the kind of engineered flooring and cracked walls.

There are just two pieces of moving equipment you have to have when transferring a heavy dresser on your own:

Furniture sliders. Furniture sliders are bits of durable vinyl or rubber that will allow you to slip that unit nearly effortlessly through the room with no kind of harm to the ground even when put under a heavy furniture bit.

You can acquire high-quality furniture sliders out of a house improvement store or from a local moving company. Be cautious before you acquire a set since there are two different kinds of sliders: sliders intended for hardwood flooring and sliders intended for tiled flooring.

Furniture dolly. A furniture dolly is a level platform made from steel or wood with four swivel wheels beneath its foundation. Its layout seems relatively straightforward, but shifting dolly can handle loads up to some thousand pounds and leaves transferring large furniture more comfortable than ever.

You can obtain a furniture dolly from a house improvement store (it is a helpful tool to have at your disposal after the transfer is finished) or lease one from a local moving company.

Secure, reliable helpers

Though you’ve made your mind up to maneuver your dresser with no professional moving services, you should not attempt to fill out the challenging job all on your own because of the elevated risks of harm or property damage.

Ensure that you secure at least a few friends to aid you with the job of transferring a dresser to a different property. Those helpers do not have to get committed kindly – after all, you’re going to be using moving gear as your ally too.

Do not take some risks – in case you can not find anyone that will assist you in moving the hefty agency, then employ seasoned furniture movers that understand what is necessary to move heavy furniture securely.

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Best Way To Move A Dresser

Best Way To Move A Dresser

The Way to transfer a dresser with no movers: Step-by-step instructions

Again, moving a heavy dresser on your own is NOT a fantastic idea. If you are not hiring movers that will assist you in packaging and moving the bulky and heavy agency out of your house and load it on the moving truck, then you need to get a few trusted friends to give you a hand.

Here are the measures which will explain in detail the way to maneuver a dresser with a dolly:

Step 1. Map out the way

The first step into transferring a dresser without hiring professional movers would be to plan the specific route from where the furniture thing is napping to the moving automobile.

Assess if the way outside of your house is clear of obstacles. If you guess the dresser might be unable to experience some of those doorways, halls, or tight spaces across that pre-set path, then perform the crucial dimensions to behave appropriately and resolve possible problems before they appear.

Step 2. Slide the dresser throughout the area

Often, dressers are put directly next to the wall – a place where it can be very tricky to take care of the large and heavy furniture bit. Thus, a fantastic way to resolve that problem is to slip the dresser a brief distance away from the wall or slip it around the room to the bedroom doorway.

To do that readily and damage-free, you need to use furniture sliders. Together with your helpers’ support, lift slightly one side or a single leg of this dresser and set a slider under it. Try this on all four sides of this bulky furniture bit, and be sure that you’re using the ideal kind of furniture sliders to prevent floor harm.

As a guideline, sliding discs made from felt or other soft material are supposed to be used on hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, laminate, vinyl, and linoleum. On the flip side, sliders made from rigid materials – plastic or rubber – are supposed to be used on soft carpeted flooring.

As soon as you place all four sliders under the heavy dresser, then slide it gradually from the direction you would like it to go.

Step 3. Load the dresser on the dolly

This measure will describe how to transfer a dresser with a dolly. The loading stage will be the most hazardous one, so you want to pay close attention to how it is done.

Take a few helpers to tilt the dresser marginally from 1 side as you slip the dolly beneath the massive furniture. Do this gradually and use the proper lifting techniques to prevent accidents, primarily spine injuries. The fantastic thing is that when the battery is empty, it should not be too hard to tilt it just enough to slip the dolly underneath.

Position the dolly beneath the dresser’s central field, then tilt the agency back gradually until it gets to break completely onto the shallow 4-wheel platform. Secure the hefty load on the dolly with rope or straps.

Step 4. Wheel the dresser from the House

Take your helper’s hold on the wealthy dresser as you are Wheeling it out of the house. Proceed very slowly, do not make some abrupt motions, and be extra cautious when browsing it around, right corners. Always think before you act.

Please be aware that furniture is not intended to go upstairs or downstairs, which essentially means you could transfer your dresser on your own whether you are moving from the floor at home or in an apartment building with an elevator large enough to match the load.

In the event, your path to the moving automobile involves a range of stairs. It would help if you did the practical matter of hiring professional movers to do it for you – it is merely too insecure about is moving up or downstairs with a central dresser strapped on a furniture dolly.

Step 5. Load the dresser on the truck

As soon as you get to the moving automobile, make use of the truck liftgate to receive your dresser safely indoors. If the leasing truck is equipped only with a regular loading ramp, then obtaining the furniture bit inside might prove to be a lot for you since furniture dollies don’t have a deal for pulling loads as appliance dollies do.

When indoors, strap the bedroom firmly to both sides of the car to not change during transport.

Bear in mind that transferring a big and bulky dresser to another residence is a challenging task that involves a range of dangers for the folks involved with the process, the furniture thing itself, along with the property you are moving from and after the property you are moving into.

If what you have just read sounds too dangerous and too complicated for you, leave everything to seasoned furniture movers. Use our price calculator to determine how much it will cost you to get professional movers to pack and transfer your dresser.


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