Best Toilet Seat 2020: Top Brand Review

Best Toilet Seat

An upgraded toilet adds value to your house while fitting your layout tastes and family’s requirements. Toilets can play a substantial part in improving the design of your bathroom and vanity areas.

A toilet seat that looks cracked or flimsy is not just an eyesore but is a sign of a poor-quality toilet that can create an unhygienic toilet.

The best toilet seat is made out of exceptional products that may encourage substantial weight, are simple to wash, and bring relaxation to some place of solitude. The NousDecor choices below are the very best in their respective categories.

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What to Notice For When Purchasing The Best Potty Seat For Toilet?

Any purchase must dictate a specific degree of previous research and understanding of this product. When it’s an easy question about accessible colors or a comprehensive question concerning a product’s particular weight limitations, this advice is vital. Before purchasing, consider these critical things which could affect your choice.


The toilet bowl layout suggests the form of the toilet seat demanded. Toilet bowls typically come in two regular shapes: Elongated and around.

To determine which toilet seat you’ll need, assess the period of this bowl. Locate the center between the bench bolts and step to the outside border of the bowl’s front part. An elongated jar will measure 18 inches to 18.5 inches, even though a round bowl will probably measure 16.5 inches.

If you’re also buying a new toilet, there are a couple of factors to consider between round and elongated toilet seat choices:

  • Elongated toilet seat is far comfortable for adults, more straightforward to get away for individuals with mobility difficulties. Still, they take up more space and are somewhat limiting in a little toilet.
  • Round toilets are better for smaller individuals and maybe a perfect solution for a kid’s toilet. They are not as successful on average as elongated models but also have a lower cost.


When choosing a toilet seat, you may select the bolts, hinges, and seat material. The hinge material choice is created for durability using stainless steel and zinc-plated decisions, being on the top end and vinyl at the lower back. If the toilet seat is in the house’s primary bathroom, consider going with high quality.

Big John 6-W

Bolts come in plastic or metal. Metal bolts provide stability and strength, with little flex for twisting seats. But they’re more prone to the humidity and humidity of a toilet environment. Plastic bolts do not rust, so they’re easier to remove for cleaning, however they lack alloy bolts’ potency. If residents of their house are more prominent, consider the metallic bolts instead.

The seat itself may come in a wood core or plastic. Vinyl alternatives resist moisture and are simple to wash. They’re also more durable over the years since wood toilet seats absorb water and start to crack and twist. Wooden toilet seats are usually better for secondary toilets, as their aesthetic appeal could outweigh their long-term performance problems.


The toilet seat’s color helps a bathroom blend in a designer toilet background or emphasize a neutral plot using a brightness burst. Most frequently, a toilet seat color comes down to precisely what a particular product offers and fits the current toilet layout.

In the end, color is an individual taste, but popular toilet seat brands most often provide neutral colors. Consequently, if a broad choice in a particular brand is vital, elect for a selection of neutral tones, and you’ll be more inclined to locate one that you adore.


A project allows you to easy to install and repaint so that you can finish in a couple of minutes by taking away the old bolts and seat and installing the newer variants.

The bolts you get together with the brand new toilet seat will not affect the setup; however, the bolts’ requirement on the present toilet seat may. Rusted metal bolts may quickly turn this straightforward task into something more complex. Liquid lubricating oil may loosen the bolts up, or in extreme instances, a hacksaw may cut them.

Some toilet seat makers provide hardware that’s allegedly easier to set up than a nut and bolt, with specialization wingnuts that lock into position. Hence, the cover of the bolt has to be screwed in using a screwdriver. It is a great feature when you’ve not worked with a wrench wouldn’t be comfy outside of a screwdriver.

Other alternatives to consider for setup are quick-release toilet seat that detaches from your bolts for simple cleaning. Eliminating the whole heart without wrestling with bolts means that you can sanitize it frequently, raising the restroom’s cleanliness.

Additional Features

The toilet seat has come a very long way from simple pieces of wood with holes in them. One of the features discussed previously, many additional elements can quickly boost a toilet seat’s functionality.

Quiet-closing toilet seats shut with restricted hinges, which gently bring down the middle to rest on the bowl. Bumpers sit on the toilet seat base, protecting the ceramic and gripping the bowl to protect against the toilet seat from shifting.

High-end models have heated seats, massage flows, and built-in bidet systems, bringing a great experience to your property. Advanced nozzle positioning, drying features, and water temperature controller are simply a couple of the available features for people willing to devote the cash.

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Top-Rated Best Toilet Seats Brands 2020

Best Total: Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

The ideal toilet seats are easy and convenient. The Bath Royale Premium strikes both of those check marks by providing a fast installation process along with a simple fashion that makes decorating the toilet simple.

Offered in both round and elongated choices, this seat fits the vast majority of toilet brands like Toto, Crane, American Standard, and Kohler. The white rim and lid are made from rigid polypropylene plastic and will suit most toilet styles. The vinyl makes the toilet resistant to chemical stains and damage, and it combats the accumulation of harmful bacteria on the surface.

Runner Up: Kohler K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet-Close Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat

Many toilet seats offer more convenient features than initially meet with the eye. What is more, these features might even be things you never knew you wanted. The Kohler K-4636-0 Cachet Quiet-Close Elongated Toilets include various components that produce the seat fast and straightforward to use or install. Kohler’s Quick-Close design gradually lowers the lid to prevent the plastic’s loud crash and damage the toilet bowl.

The Grip-Tight bumper keeps the lid and seat securely affixed to the toilet to stop any accidental slips. This is a useful feature when you’ve got small kids who fight to climb onto the toilet. The elongated layout of this bowl ensures a comfortable, ergonomic fit on posteriors of several dimensions.

Best Value Toilet Seat: Kohler K-4775-0 Brevia

It should not cost you a whole lot to have an adequate updated toilet seat for your toilet. As many higher-end centers offer you superior materials or innovative, smart features, a fundamental choice such as the Kohler K-4775-0 Brevia nonetheless has lots to give. This seat includes Kohler’s standard set of simple setup and use features, such as the Quick-Attach and Quick-Release mechanics.


 bowl with only a few screws. If it is time to wash out the toilet, the Quick-Release mechanics permit you to pop off the lid to clean the hard to reach places without hassle.

The round seat is contoured to fit the body’s natural curves, increasing comfort during prolonged use.

Best Design: Mayfair 41EC 047

If you do not need the conventional white coating of most toilet seats, a designer seat may provide you the choices you want to find something special for your toilet. Designer standing does not need to be expensive either. Mayfair’s 41EC 047 has lots of vibrant options at a very affordable price.

The molded wood lid includes a high-gloss finish that’s both reflective and durable for traditional or contemporary styles.

The seat comes in several colors, ranging from black and pure white to neutral choices like silver, gray, or even bone. You might even select between a round or elongated shape to match the particular dimensions of your toilet.

Best Round: Mayfair 48SLOWA

Round toilet seats are inclined to be quite common in elderly design fashions in addition to smaller spaces. Because a rounded profile does not occupy as much space in a toilet, they are inclined to be a favorite alternative for people living in flats, condos, or small houses where the area is at a premium.

The round profile is so typical that many seat manufacturers guarantee that the perfect match with the toilet no matter the brand or version.

The Mayfair 48SLOWA takes the best place for around toilet seats, mainly on this STA-TITE fastening system.

The heavy-duty fasteners withstand twisting and shifting while in use, keeping the lid securely on the toilet without damaging the bowl. A quick-detach layout also lets you remove the cover fast while cleaning.

Best Elongated Toilet Seat: Church White Elongated Slow-Close Toilet Seat

The elongated toilet seat has gained popularity in recent decades because of its ergonomic design. While the ideal toilet shape is a personal taste, many men and women favor the elongated layout due to their more considerable surface contact with their skin since they sit.

The Church wood elongated toilet seat is a leading contender in this class, particularly if you’re searching for a way to improve your toilet and stay environmentally friendly.

The lid and seat of Church white elongated slow-close toilet seat are made from a high density molded timber, protected with a high-gloss finish. Molded wood is much more sustainable than the standard plastic choices, which means that you can decrease your first environmental footprint while updating the seat.

The high-gloss finish fits the conventional appearance of ceramics while still providing a more demanding surface that resists scratches and stains.

Best Heated: Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Closed Front Toilet Seat

Would you need to treat yourself for some small but noticeable improvement in your everyday toilet encounter? A heated toilet seat might seem silly at first, but following in the tradition of heated car seats, a choice such as the Brondell LumaWarm may change your mind.

Warmth against the skin will help to improve your general comfort when relaxing the back muscles. Since heat is a frequent treatment for many accidents, a heated toilet seat can practically be curative if you locate a regular wooden or plastic toilet too uneasy.

This heated seat is as easy to install as another lid/seat mix with enclosed electronic equipment. The onboard controls permit you to set the temperature to your liking, though a blue LED night light will also light up the bowl for night use.

Best Hygienic: BioBidet Supreme BB-1000

Despite popular belief, most toilet bowls are cleaner than you would initially expect. Nonetheless, it does not hurt to maintain your health and hygiene in mind if you’re searching for a brand new toilet seat. For the most degree of cleanliness, a bidet toilet seat is a thing to do. These seats eliminate the toilet paper requirement, and instead, use a water nozzle to wash those private difficult to reach spots.

The BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 is an elongated bidet seat that delivers a three-in-one cleaning nozzle to deal with several cleaning requirements. A wireless remote keeps your hands free and clean while the heart deals with all of your toilet-related sterile needs. Water is kept in a built-in, heated reservoir, so setup is quick and painless.

Other Alternative

Bemis 70 000 Toilet Seat

Toilet seat does not need to be costly, particularly if they’re entering a guest toilet or seasonal residence. The Bemis 70 000 Toilet Seat does not hurt the pocket and comes from round and elongated toilet seat styles. A high installation system ensures you won’t need to get down on your knees and hands to finish this simple setup with locking wing nuts.

Four bumpers around the seat’s base to hold it set up during usage and protect against undesirable shifting that may damage the hinges. The vinyl material is easy to clean and resists some water damage. There is not a toilet seat better for the purchase price.

TOTO C100 Washlet

So far as fancy toilet seats go, this one out of TOTO is pretty damn cool. The C100 matches any toilet and has been developed to improve your cleanliness and comfort. This is a complex, high-tech bidet toilet seat for extended toilets.

You will find a couple of pruning requirements to make certain it matches your toilet. For instance, the gap between the rear of the tank and the mounting holes should be two inches. The bidet sprays a mild yet cleansing spray of water, which is curative and useful for girls post-birth or post-surgery.

The features are fairly striking, like a soft-close seat, heated seat, air deodorizer, warm air drier, and pre-mist to keep the bowl clean. There is a control panel tucked into the side of the seat, which lets you personalize the experience. The seat itself is a sturdy plastic (easy to clean and very durable), as it comes in either white or beige.

The setup process is simple and fast (no nuts and bolts needed ). If you have got a sizable budget and you desire a super-sophisticated, cleansing toilet encounter, then this might be perfect for you.

AquaSense Portable

Aquasense has manufactured an extremely affordable raised toilet seat that sits neatly and firmly on the bowl of around toilets. It’s 4 inches taller than an ordinary toilet seat, which makes getting on and off the toilet much simpler. This can be excellent, especially for the elderly who have difficulty bending the knees beyond a wide-angle.

It’s portable, so it is easy to change it between baths in your home or perhaps take it to vacation resorts. It is super easy to clean due to its smooth, durable plastic without a tiny fiddly piece to wash around. You want to consider how the toilet lid cannot shut when this elevated toilet seat is set up, but that should not be a problem for most people.

Perfect for the elderly or individuals with knee injuries or surgeries should lessen the total amount of knee bending required. Some reviewers and forums have discovered that the AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat to be both functional and affordable,” for an excellent price, you can find a seat raiser which features a sleek design that’s simple to wash.”

Big John 6-W

The final on our list will be the most significant toilet seat available on the current market, made to match all toilet bowls, both elongated and round. It is made from very durable, sturdy plastic that could have a heavyweight (800lbs).

The hinges are made to withstand high impact, together with stabilizing bumpers to guarantee the seat stays put without slipping and shifting. This is an excellent medical toilet seat for health care facilities or plus-sized men and women in need of a secure and accommodating toilet seat.

Additionally, it has been emphasized as a fantastic selection for people living with arthritis who want a bit more firmness and surface space for security,” individuals with arthritis who want more stability for toilet transfers will locate the Big John Standard Toilet Seat helpful.”

This toilet seat is quite easy to install, safe, and protected. The plastic is compound and stain-resistant, making deep-cleaning super simple.

bidet toilet seat


There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product, making it home, and recognizing that you have any questions regarding whether it’s ideal for you. Forget the sorrow and have a peek at the answers to a few common questions concerning the very best toilet seats below.

Q. What’s the maximum weight a typical toilet seat can endure?

The weight limitation of the standard toilet seat ranges by producer, but the average max weight is between 300 pounds and 500 lbs.

Q. How do I find the ideal size for my bathroom?

To locate the appropriate size toilet seat for your bathroom, gauge the toilet seat’s period, the toilet seat’s width, and the space between the bolts.

Q. How can you replace the toilet seat?

You can substitute the toilet seat by eliminating the last bolts in the current seat with a screwdriver and a socket wrench, installing the new one using a pair of bolts (plastic or metal generally). Look closely at the quantity in which you tighten the bolts. If you pull them a lot, the seat (or ceramic of the bathroom) may crack. If they’re too loose, then the seat will proceed when in use, causing the hinges to bend and split.

Q. What dimensions are toilet seat bolts?

The typical bolt dimensions are ⅜” x two 1/2″, although other sizes are readily available for industrial bathrooms, heavy-duty toilet seats, or specialization bathrooms.

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As you can see, there are many best toilet seats to buy for home possibilities offered in a range of styles and at costs that are appropriate for nearly any budget.

If you’re on the market for a new toilet seat but have difficulty making up your mind that to choose, some of the choices within our review could be a fantastic place to begin looking.

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