Best RV Toilet 2020: Top Brand Review

Best RV Toilet

Among the most glamorous facets of RVing is your bathroom. But a bathroom is vital if you intend on carrying a long, stress-free excursion. The very best RV toilet is simple to use and creates considerable travel. Have a look at the NousDecoer RV toilet buying guide to get the ideal one for the next experience.

What’s An RV Toilet?

An RV bathroom is merely a bathroom for a recreational vehicle or RV. I read about a man asking if he can replace the bathroom in his RV using a normal bathroom, and I just thought, Oh, No!

You see, an RV bathroom is a technical bathroom designed particularly for an RV. It uses less water (as small as a garnish with a few newer, more water-efficient versions) than your residential bathroom.

Considering that the RV is the best portable toilets, the lack of a flush tank helps stop water spills since it negotiates turns and twists and bumps on the street.

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Types of RV Toilets

Gravity Flush RV Toilets

The ideal gravity flush RV Toilet is determined by the planet’s gravity to pull the waste out and down. In other words, the bathroom can be found over the drain and waste tank. If you flush, everything just falls. While maybe not the most complicated RV bathroom on the market, these are easy, powerful, and inexpensive, making them the #1 option for many RV’ers.

You will realize that using less moving parts than a lot of the complex bathroom, they’re more reliable and require less overall maintenance. The one drawback to the tape bathrooms below is that waste scents can escape out of the black tank right below.

Macerating Flush RV Toilets

Macerating flush RV Toilets (also called up flush toilets) send waste into a macerating unit that’s typically found behind the device. Once there, high-powered blades solids and liquefy are subsequently pumped from the device through that RV drain line. You will discover that compared to an RV Macerating bathroom process is somewhat more costly than the normal gravity flushes alternative but can make matters somewhat easier to wash out.

As these aren’t very common in regards to an RV bathroom, they create a fantastic option if you don’t mind the additional care for your macerating unit along with an extra pump. Additionally, it lets you get the bathroom situated further away in the container.

Vacuum Flush RV Toilets

Comparable to this macerating flush RV bathroom, a vacuum flush RV bathroom doesn’t have to be placed directly over the container. Rather it could be placed further away as a distinct vacuum boat, and a macerating vacuum pump receives the waste to the waste tanks, wherever it may be. An innovative macerating flush bathroom has a little additional power, relying upon an extra vacuum for additional oomph.

Portable RV Toilets

As their name implies, the portable toilet is lightweight, readily moved bathrooms that are ideal for little camper vans and for people who prefer to tent camp in addition to RV. These are generally made from reduced end substances not just to maintain the price down nevertheless keep the weight down too well.

They “function” in the simplest method of any choice, with waste moving to a bucket or holding tank beneath the toilet seat. When the holding tank pops up, which may be rather fast on some little device, you can unsnap it and empty it in the nearest waste disposal channel.

Cassette RV Toilets

If you have obtained a brand new, bigger RV, there’s a fairly good chance you have a tape RV Toilet installed. All these are more or less permanent installments on the RV, very similar to your bathroom at home. They’re installed directly connected to the waste tank, so the waste does not need to journey much, and they’ve limited moving parts.

All these are less or more glorified, and more costly, gravity flush RV bathrooms. Nevertheless, you might discover some electricity flush choices or added large bench distance on those more expensive components.

Composting RV Toilet

Composting toilets are a few of the priciest yet eco-friendly RV toilets available in the industry. All these are self-contained composting toilet that contains whatever they have to take care of waste. Among the crucial benefits of a composting RV, the bathroom is they don’t need water.

This makes them a cinch to set up. However, you’ll have to provide 12V (or 110V electricity using an adapter kit) for them. However, the electrical function is far simpler than the plumping function in our view. If scents are an issue, you might also utilize specific port kits with any composting RV bathroom.

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Buying Guide

Few of the considerations for choosing a specific RV toilet comprise the following:

  • Just how much space will be available for your bathroom? If you have minimal space, pick a bathroom that does not occupy much space yet doesn’t compromise quality. A gravity-flush bathroom is generally favored for smaller spaces, but a few macerating or vacuum bathrooms today arrive with streamlined design.
  • Have you got older people onboard your RV? If this is so, select high baths as very low will probably be embarrassing for them to utilize.
  • Just how long and where is it traveling? In case you need to spend long times on the street and might find it hard to locate designated dumping stations, then a spare black tank could be necessary when you’ve got a cassette toilet or portable toilet. If you’re going on a visit to distant areas, either a tape or portable type bathroom are your very best RV toilets.
  • When you have considered the above elements, it is time to pick on specific features that you need your RV bathroom to get. You must do your homework before you settle on a particular RV bathroom.

With numerous bathroom models on the marketplace nowadays, RVers can manage to be very demanding. You may elect for something elegant, elegant, and all that jazz. But, your selection should have the following fundamental attributes.

  • Easy to set up. Many versions eliminate the guesswork by installing fast and exactly as the directions state.
  • Offers vigorous, complete toilet bowl flush policy. You’d want a bathroom using a flush system that covers the whole bowl and, maybe, with a solid flush system.
  • Has a broad toilet bowl. The problem with some RV bathrooms is the chair doesn’t feel comfortable in any way. You sit on it, and it seems just like you are going to topple over at any moment. Veteran RVers generally prefer bathrooms that feel the same manner as their bathroom in your home. Require their cue.
  • Easy to clean. There is a reason why a lot of RVers stay far from bathrooms with vinyl chairs: They blot, and when that occurs, it appears dirty; however, clean it is.
  • It is built to last. You’d want to have an RV bathroom that’s sturdy enough to endure for several decades.

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Top Rated Best RV Toilet Brands 2020

1. Thetford Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet

This RV toilet is a bestseller, and I believe I know why. If you’d like to have an RV bathroom that looks timeless, simple to use and set up, highly effective, yet lightweight, then go no farther than this product.

This bathroom is constructed from vinyl and can be taller (17″) than many RV bathrooms. That alone is sufficient to attract many buyers since most bathrooms that arrive with RVs are rather brief, so sitting on these is inclined to be somewhat awkward and downright embarrassing.

But wait, there is more. What I love about the Aqua Magic V is that there is nothing rocket science relating to it. It is quite simple to install and includes the required gasket and everything else required for a complete installation.

Another thing that I enjoy about this RV bathroom is that using its foot pedal flush program, it creates flushing simply, and it covers the whole bowl. If you press on the foot brake halfway, then you create a half flush. If you had a more powerful flush, then press on the pedal completely downward.

The Aqua-Magic V comes with a textured lid, which makes it scuff-resistant and free of water accumulation.

For most RVers, this bathroom already works excellent and has cool features. But like all great products, these best RV toilets also has a few disadvantages.

I do not like this bathroom because the bowl will be somewhat too shallow, so anyone with it’s bound to encounter spray problems.

Another thing that I do not like about it’s that, although the Aqua Magic V is comparatively taller in comparison to a lot of bathrooms in the industry today, including its rarity, the Aqua Magic IV, somehow it is still not tall enough for members of their household toilet with the very long game and or poor knees.


  • Tall seat
  • Easy to install
  • Scruff-resistant textured lid
  • Easy to flush
  • Lightweight


  • Spray issues due to a shallow bowl
  • Not tall enough for people who are tall or with bad knees

2. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head is the most popular composting toilet available in the marketplace. It is relatively simple to set up (as long as you’re able to port to the exterior on your RV), as it’s a 12-volt enthusiast to keep odors down.

It is not the most expensive (nor the cheapest ) composting toilet available on the current market, and it is lightweight and has a much bigger footprint compared to many other brands.

Customer support is reported to be excellent, which is essential when spending this cash on a product you’re going to use daily.

Nature’s Head was that the newest we had been seriously considering earlier attempted the composting bucket bathroom.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • You save so much water per year (as you literally do not need any).
  • No chemicals are used or required
  • It is cost-effective in the long run
  • It is easy to maintain and keep clean
  • Doesn’t need to be emptied anywhere near as often as cassette toilets
  • Liquids are separated from solids
  • Ease of use


  • It is more expensive than a portable cassette toilet
  • It requires 12-volt electricity for the fan to operate
  • It does require hands-on for cleaning when you are emptying the tanks
  • It is quite bulky and needs a proper installation in your van
  • Cannot go hard up against a wall as the chambers cannot be accessed
  • To access the liquid chamber you have to open the solid chamber too.

3. Thetford 42058 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet

Another masterpiece in toilet Thetford, the Aqua Magic Style II, appears comfy, modern, and fashionable. You are going to love the appearance and comfort of the bathroom. It seems just like doing your company in your bathroom back home.

The toilet seat is tall, which means you should not have some difficulty sitting and standing up. It is ideal for those who have long games in addition to bad knees and back. Additionally, while it features a China bowl, then the Aqua Magic Style II is almost lightweight.

What I enjoy about this portable toilet is the fact that it’s an anti-microbial seat that’s anathema to odor- and – stain-causing germs and mold.

As with other bathrooms from the Aqua Magic show, this one includes a single-pedal flush system, which provides a hands-on flush with a complete bowel policy. The machine delivers a powerful yet silent flush using a 100% bowl policy. Additionally, there is a flush mechanism that wipes clean after each flush that’s truly revolutionary.

The China bowl cleans the Aqua Magic Style II a cinch when compared with conventional plastic ones. Additionally, it is rather profound, and it is a wonderful feature for men as you do not want your pieces touching the inside of the bowl.

Additionally, it is quite simple to install, with a few people doing it in under 20 minutes. Everything comes together with the bundle, such as the flange seal, wax ring, and bolts, so that you almost do not require anything else to produce the bathroom work.
However,t I don’t fancy this bathroom because it comes in white color. I know that it’s a little defect, but it might have been ideal if users could have color choices with a fantastic product like this one.


  • Tall seat
  • Good flush power with 100% bowl coverage
  • Anti-microbial seat
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean


  • It only comes in white color.

4. Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet

Together with the Dometic 320 normal height ceramic RV bathroom, you may enjoy the appearance and texture of a full-sized residential-type bathroom on your RV.

Made in a very sturdy vitreous ceramic substance, the device is intended to last for ages. It’s broadly elongated, enameled wood chair and bowl provide extreme comfort as you’re doing your company in the solitude of your RV.

In reality, that is exactly what I like the most about the Dometic 320. The ceramic bowl is heavy enough for men not to be concerned about their you-know-what touching the bow’s inside. You do not feel awkward and cramped while sitting on the throne.

Add to this the fact that the bowl has been elongated. For me, an elongated bowl frees up toilets on the market. It is just super comfy and is well worth every additional penny you’ll spend in an RV bathroom.

I love the Dometic 320 RV bathroom because the addition of a spray faucet lets you place clean as necessary. It includes the amount that you’ll be able to connect to the wall socket.

One more thing which makes this bathroom a winner is your ergonomic foot pedal for simple hands-free flushing. Besides, it takes no more than one pint of fresh water per flush!

Installing this unit is completely a breeze. It can be performed in as few as 10 minutes. Everything necessary for this RV bathroom installation includes the bundle.

What I do not enjoy about the Dometic 320 is the rounded foundation. I just don’t dig the contour.

Neither do I elaborate on the color mismatch when you choose the bone color component. What occurs is that you are going to find a bone color bathroom with all the RV bathroom parts, such as the ball valve and sprayer hose, in white. I’d just choose white if I were you.


  • Tall seat
  • Wide, elongated bowl
  • Ergonomic foot pedal for flushing
  • Comes with a spray faucet
  • Easy to install


  • Unattractive rounded base
  • The bone color unit comes with white spare parts.

5. Dometic 310 Series RV Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White
707 Reviews

For RVers, a bathroom isn’t something that you only wish to put up. You need something that works well and does not get in the way you have a grand time on the street.

You’d want something on the inexpensive side, but after hearing all of the horror stories out of your buddies, and of course, your own, you determine you don’t care about cost. It can be quite expensive, but when it works good and looks excellent, it is gone.

You will not be disappointed with all the gravity flush Dometic 310 shows standard height toilets. It might be somewhat expensive compared to others on the current market, but it is one gem of a bathroom you might be inclined to shell out a couple more pennies for.

The Dometic 310 is a full-sized, standard height flush bathroom with a rather sturdy vitreous ceramic bowl. As it’s intended to last for quite a while, it just may be the best investment you have ever spent on your RV.

It is a cinch to put in the Dometic 310, along with all of the fixtures and hardware necessary for installation are contained in the bundle.

This ceramic RV bathroom is easy on the eyes and very simple to wash. I enjoy that though the foundation is plastic and the bathroom is almost lightweight. The arrangement looks and feels strong and solid; it does not wobble.

I enjoy this bathroom because it seems very compact and takes up much less space. In case you have hardly any bathroom area, but this one, you won’t regret it. If you browse Dometic 310 RV toilets reviews online, this is one feature folks rave about.


  • Tall seat
  • Sturdy structure
  • Looks elegant
  • Easy to install
  • Great price


  • Small seat

6. Dometic 300 Series RV Toilet

Fans of residential-style bathrooms won’t ever fail with all the full-size Dometic 300 Series RV bathrooms, which provide a fantastic bang for your dollar.

There are so many excellent reasons to purchase this rather affordable gravity flush toilet. However, I like the most is its own vigorous triple jet activity that completely cleanses the bowl and takes good care of waste, which sticks into this bowl’s side.

The Dometic 300 includes a water-adjustable foot pedal flush program, which means you have to control how much water you’ll need per flush. This, in addition to the triple jet actions, ensures a full flush every moment. The device only needs a spoonful of water for each flush, however.

But if you have been RVing long enough, you have probably experienced sitting on a bathroom too little, and you are afraid it’ll divide in half. Well, that is not true with this Dometic 300.

The elevation is perfect, and thus don’t mount it onto a base or be overly significant. I enjoy that it is larger than conventional bathrooms that include older RVs. This makes it a superb alternative for individuals of big construction.

Additionally, it is lightweight and installs in minutes and includes gaskets and bolts so that you do not need to purchase anything else.

But what I don’t enjoy about the Dometic 300 unit is the chair is quite made from flimsy material. You’d think that using its very cool features, they’d have made certain the chair is ideal.

While the body appears strong and solid, the chair is quite poorly made and very flimsy. When you get a bathroom on your RV, the chair’s caliber should be among the significant considerations.


  • Perfect height
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Triple jet action for a thorough flush
  • Water adjustable foot pedal flush system


  • Flimsy seat
Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet, White
633 Reviews

7. Thetford Curve Porta Potti

The Thetford bathroom Porta Potti Curve (version 550E) is a great portable toilet. Unlike many portable toilets, it utilizes an electric water heater, eliminating the need to pump to flush. Its contemporary design brings just a little flair to an otherwise dull job.


  • The electric pump eliminates the need to pump to flush the toilet manually
  • Large 5.5-gallon waste tank
  • Oval toilet bowl shape for residential-style toilet comfort
  • Integrated toilet paper holder
  • Comfortable seat height
  • Modern design


  • The electric pump may fail
  • Requires batteries (better keep spares on hand)


Q: Can I use a residential-style toilet in my RV?

A: A house bathroom isn’t suggested. A replacement RV bathroom is especially intended for a motorhome. Most of all, it uses much less water than a bathroom on your property. Some new, effective ones utilize as small as a spoonful of water. Additionally, the ideal RV bathrooms are made to defy the RV traveling twisty streets; home bathrooms do not have a flush container, leading to clogs.

Q: How often do I want to empty the compartments from a composting toilet?

A: It depends on the number of individuals who use the bathroom and how often they do so. By way of instance, one individual who resides in an RV full time might want to modify the liquid compartment every second day along with the good compartment once per month. The more deposits from the good compartment, the wetter it’s going to be. After the waste requires longer to dry, the bathroom will cease composting and begin to smell.

Q: Is special toilet paper required?

A: Yes. If you do not utilize the proper toilet paper, then it is possible to clog your tank. The ideal form of RV toilet paper disintegrates fast in the water. Some popular brands include Charmin Ultra Soft and Angel Soft. There’s also bathroom paper made specifically for RV use, but it might be rough in your buttocks. Start looking for manufacturers marked “septic protected.”

Q: How do I fix a clogged RV toilet?

A: Generally, RV bathrooms become obstructed as a result of toilet paper. The very first thing you should do is start the valve and then pour warm water within it. This ought to break down the thing that’s clogging the bathroom. Certain chemicals created for septic usage may also fix a clogged toilet.

Q: Is there a way to keep the toilet from smelling?

A: A RV bathroom might begin to smell since there’s a flow, the sewer tank has been ruined, there is a clog. Also, it has not been cleaned in some time. A few of those problems, you’ll be able to solve yourself, like eliminating a clog or sanitizing the tank. Other issues may demand a professional.

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Our pick for the best RV toilets to buy for home is your Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet. Its high-profile layout provides a taller chair height, and it could be fitted using a hand sprayer. It is hardy, easy to flush out, also includes gear, which makes setup simple.

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